Friday, April 15, 2011
One-Hundredth Regular Session
Senate Journal
The Chief Clerk makes the following entries under the above date.
Chief Clerk's Entries
Senate Enrolled Proposals
The Chief Clerk records:
Senate Bill 9
Senate Bill 23
Senate Joint Resolution 18
Senate Joint Resolution 20
Report correctly enrolled on 4-15-2011.
Introduction, First Reading, and
Reference of Proposals
Read first time and referred:
Senate Bill 60
Relating to: a property tax credit for business expansion and making an appropriation.
By Senators Wanggaard, Darling, Schultz and Leibham; cosponsored by Representatives Petryk, Spanbauer, Ballweg and Vos.
To committee on Economic Development and Veterans and Military Affairs.
Senate Bill 61
Relating to: multiple trip permits for overweight vehicles transporting granular roofing material.
By Senator Galloway ; cosponsored by Representatives Petrowski, Seidel, Mursau and Spanbauer.
To committee on Transportation and Elections.
Report of Committees
The committee on Judiciary, Utilities, Commerce, and Government Operations reports and recommends:
Senate Bill 19
Relating to: disinfection of municipal water supplies.
Adoption of Senate Amendment 1.
Ayes, 5 - Senators Zipperer, Kedzie, Galloway, Risser and Erpenbach.
Noes, 0 - None.
Passage as amended.
Ayes, 3 - Senators Zipperer, Kedzie and Galloway.
Noes, 2 - Senators Risser and Erpenbach.
Rich Zipperer
Petitions and Communications
State of Wisconsin
Office of the Senate Majority Leader
April 15, 2011
The Honorable, The Senate:
Pursuant to Section 234.02(1) Wisconsin Statutes and Senate Rule 20, I am temporarily appointing Senator Glenn Grothman to the Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority for the meeting on Monday, April 18.
Please contact me with any questions.
scott Fitzgerald
Senate Majority Leader
State of Wisconsin
Government Accountability Board
April 5, 2011
The Honorable, The Senate:
The following lobbyists have been authorized to act on behalf of the organizations set opposite their names.
For more detailed information about these lobbyists and organizations and a complete list of organizations and people authorized to lobby the 2011-2012 session of the legislature, visit the Government Accountability Board's web site at:
S221 Blumenfeld, Michael Community Care Inc
Dicks, Helen Marks AARP
Froehlke, Scott Wisconsin Association of Accountants Inc
Graul, Mark United Migrant Opportunity Services/UMOS Inc
Langenohl, Tony Rehabilitation for Wisconsin in Action, Inc.
Larson, Thomas NAIOP Wisconsin
McCoshen, William J Rehabilitation for Wisconsin in Action, Inc.
Osborne, Patrick Legal Aid Society of Milwaukee Inc
Osborne, Patrick Wisconsin Judicare, Inc.
Ruesch, Kristin United Migrant Opportunity Services/UMOS Inc
Seager, Jr., David Milwaukee Professional Fire Fighters Association
Seaholm, Matt Americans For Prosperity
Wardle, Erika United Council of UW Students
Wierenga, Robert Wisconsin County Police Association
Also available from the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board are reports identifying the amount and value of time state agencies have spent to affect legislative action and reports of expenditures for lobbying activities filed by organizations that employ lobbyists.
kevin kennedy
Director and General Counsel