AB306,3,62 348.25 (4) (intro.) Except as provided under s. 348.26 (5), (6), or (7) or 348.27
3(3m), (4m), (9), (9m), (9r), (9t), (10), (12), (13), or (15), or (18), permits shall be issued
4only for the transporting of a single article or vehicle which exceeds statutory size,
5weight or load limitations and which cannot reasonably be divided or reduced to
6comply with statutory size, weight or load limitations, except that:
AB306, s. 3 7Section 3. 348.25 (8) (b) 3. (intro.) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB306,3,108 348.25 (8) (b) 3. (intro.) For Except as provided in subd. 4., for a vehicle or
9combination of vehicles, the weight of which exceeds any of the provisions of s. 348.15
AB306, s. 4 11Section 4. 348.25 (8) (b) 4. of the statutes is created to read:
AB306,3,1212 348.25 (8) (b) 4. For a permit issued under s. 348.27 (18), $300.
AB306, s. 5 13Section 5. 348.25 (8) (d) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB306,3,1714 348.25 (8) (d) For the purpose of computing the fees under this subsection, if
15the vehicle or combination of vehicles exceeds weight limitations, no fee in addition
16to the fee under par. (a) 3., (b) 3. or 4., or (bm) shall be charged if the vehicle also
17exceeds length, width or height limitations or any combination thereof.
AB306, s. 6 18Section 6. 348.27 (1) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB306,3,2519 348.27 (1) Applications. All applications for annual, consecutive month or
20multiple trip permits for the movement of oversize or overweight vehicles or loads
21shall be made to the officer or agency designated by this section as having authority
22to issue the particular permit desired for use of the particular highway in question.
23All applications under subs. (2) and (4) to (15) shall be made upon forms prescribed
24by the department. All applications under sub. (18) shall be made utilizing an
25electronic process prescribed by the department.
AB306, s. 7
1Section 7. 348.27 (18) of the statutes is created to read:
AB306,4,32 348.27 (18) Permits for the transportation of certain agricultural
(a) In this subsection:
AB306,4,54 1. "Agricultural product" means any of the following or any combination of the
AB306,4,66 a. Fruit.
AB306,4,77 b. Vegetables.
AB306,4,88 c. Grain, including distillers' grain.
AB306,4,109 d. Live livestock, as defined in s. 95.51 (1), feed for livestock, or nutritional
10supplements for livestock.
AB306,4,1211 2. "Agricultural product" does not include liquid milk or liquid milk
12by-products, manure or animal waste, or raw forest products.
AB306,4,2213 (b) Subject to par. (c), the department may issue annual or consecutive month
14permits for the transportation of agricultural products in vehicles or vehicle
15combinations that have 6 or more axles and that exceed the maximum gross weight
16limitations under s. 348.15 (3) (c) if the vehicle or vehicle combination does not exceed
17the maximum gross weight limitations under s. 348.29. Notwithstanding s. 348.15
18(8), any axle of a vehicle or vehicle combination that does not impose on the highway
19at least 8 percent of the gross weight of the vehicle or vehicle combination may not
20be counted as an axle for the purposes of this paragraph. A permit issued under this
21subsection does not authorize the operation of any vehicle or vehicle combination at
22a maximum gross weight in excess of 90,000 pounds.
AB306,5,223 (c) A permit under this subsection is valid only for the transportation of
24agricultural products to a farm or from a field or farm to a storage facility on the

1grower's owned or leased land, a facility for initial storage that is not on the grower's
2owned or leased land, or a facility for initial processing.
AB306,5,63 (d) If the roads desired to be used by an applicant for a permit under this
4subsection involve highways other than those within the state trunk highway
5system, the application shall be accompanied by a written statement of route
6approval by the officer in charge of maintenance of the other highway.
AB306,5,97 (e) A permit under this subsection is not valid on any interstate highway
8designated under s. 84.29 (2) except to the extent allowed by federal law without any
9loss or reduction of federal aid or other sanction.
AB306, s. 8 10Section 8. 348.28 (1) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB306,5,1211 348.28 (1) Permits issued under ss. 348.25, 348.26 and 348.27 (1) to (10), (12)
12to (13), and (15)
shall be carried on the vehicle during operations so permitted.
AB306, s. 9 13Section 9. 348.29 of the statutes is created to read:
AB306,5,20 14348.29 Weight limitations for certain permits. Notwithstanding s. 348.15
15(3) (c), for any vehicle or vehicle combination operating under a permit issued under
16s. 348.27 (18), the gross weight imposed on the highway by any group of 6 or more
17consecutive axles of a vehicle or combination of vehicles may not exceed the
18maximum gross weights in the following table for each of the respective distances
19between axles and the respective numbers of axles of a group: [See Figure 348.29
AB306,5,22 22Figure 348.29:
AB306, s. 10 2Section 10. Nonstatutory provisions.
AB306,7,93 (1) Exception to review by the department of transportation.
4Notwithstanding section 13.096 (2) of the statutes, the department of transportation
5shall not prepare a report on this bill under section 13.096 (2) and (3) of the statutes
6because the department recently completed the Wisconsin Truck Size and Weight
7Study, with a final report dated June 15, 2009, that contained the same or similar
8information that would be contained in a report on this bill under section 13.096 (2)
9and (3) of the statutes.
AB306, s. 11 10Section 11. Effective date.
AB306,7,1211 (1) This act takes effect on the first day of the 7th month beginning after
AB306,7,1313 (End)