2011 - 2012 LEGISLATURE
February 14, 2012 - Introduced by Representatives Nygren, Jacque, Ballweg,
Berceau, Bies, Endsley, Kerkman, Klenke, Krug, Marklein, Mursau, A. Ott,
Petrowski, Pridemore, Spanbauer, Sinicki, Steineke, Suder, Tauchen,
Tranel, Van Roy, Weininger
and Ziegelbauer, cosponsored by Senators
Grothman, Lasee, Cowles, Hansen, Schultz and Taylor. Referred to
Committee on Rules.
AJR107,1,2 1Relating to: the life and public service of John Gower and honoring his many
AJR107,1,43 Whereas, John Gower was born on January 10, 1941, and died on December 10,
42011, at the age of 70; and
AJR107,1,65 Whereas, John Gower lived in Green Bay, and was long active in politics and
6government service in Northeastern Wisconsin; and
AJR107,1,117 Whereas, John Gower received his Juris Doctorate from Marquette University
8in 1966 and went on to have a distinguished legal career serving the citizens of Brown
9and Oconto counties as district attorney, serving Marinette, Oconto, Shawano, and
10Menominee counties as an assistant state public defender, and owning a private law
11practice; and
AJR107,1,1412 Whereas, John Gower was a lifelong member of the Republican Party and
13recipient of the 8th Congressional District Alan Bovay award, named after the
14founder of the United States Republican Party; and
1Whereas, John Gower served on both the Brown and Shawano county boards
2and spent three terms proudly serving the people of the 4th Assembly District in the
3Wisconsin state legislature; and
AJR107,2,114 Whereas, John Gower was appointed to the following committees during his
5tenure in the Wisconsin state legislature: Criminal Justice and Public Safety
6Committee, Judiciary Committee, Transportation Committee, Joint Audit
7Committee, Joint Interim Committee, Joint Audit Committee, Elections Committee,
8Special Joint Committee on Fiscal Notes, Health and Social Services Committee,
9Joint Committee for Review of Administrative Rules, Legislative Council's Special
10Committee on Filing of Uniform Commercial Code Documents, and Select
11Committee on Health and Social Services; and
AJR107,2,1512 Whereas, John Gower was influential in the business community, serving as
13spokesman for the Brown County Taxpayers Alliance and as a member of the
14Northeast Wisconsin Technical College board of directors, the Brown County Harbor
15Commission, and the Astor Neighborhood Association; and
AJR107,2,1816 Whereas, John Gower co-founded the Community Council on Drug Abuse in
17Green Bay, developed the first educational program to combat drug abuse, and
18organized the crisis hotline; and
AJR107,2,2019 Whereas, John Gower was recognized for his community engagement when he
20received the Distinguished Service Award in 1973 from the Green Bay Jaycees; and
AJR107,2,2121 Whereas, John Gower had a passion for boating, traveling, and family; and
AJR107,2,2422 Whereas, John Gower was a loving husband to his wife Larae, proud father of
23David, Heather, Melissa, Andrew, and stepson Jon LeRoy, and grandfather of
24Nathan, Matthew, Cecilia, and Eleanor; and
1Whereas, John Gower was known as a mentor of great passion and enthusiasm
2in advocating lives of public service and was the inspiration for two generations of
3local and state officials; and
AJR107,3,54 Whereas, John Gower dedicated his life to civil service and was greatly
5respected and loved by his family, friends, and community; now, therefore, be it
AJR107,3,8 6Resolved by the assembly, the senate concurring, That the Wisconsin state
7legislature commends the life and public service of John Gower and mourns his
8passing; and, be it further
AJR107,3,10 9Resolved, That the assembly chief clerk shall provide a copy of this joint
10resolution to John Gower's wife Larae.
AJR107,3,1111 (End)