2011 - 2012 LEGISLATURE
May 6, 2011 - Introduced by Senators Kapanke, Taylor, Grothman, Darling,
Kedzie, Lasee, Lazich, Moulton, Olsen
and Wanggaard, cosponsored by
Representatives Jacque, Ziegelbauer, Nass, Litjens, LeMahieu, Bernier,
Bies, Brooks, Endsley, Farrow, Kapenga, Kerkman, Kestell, Kleefisch,
Knilans, Knudson, Kooyenga, Krug, T. Larson, Molepske Jr, Nygren, A. Ott,
Pridemore, Rivard, Severson, Steineke, Spanbauer, Strachota, Thiesfeldt,
Tranel, Van Roy, Vos, Wynn
and Weininger. Referred to Committee on
Senate Organization.
SJR28,1,2 1Relating to: honoring pregnancy care centers and proclaiming October 2011 as
2Pregnancy Care Month.
SJR28,1,53 Whereas, the tremendous, life-affirming impact of pregnancy care centers on
4the women, men, and children they serve provides an outstanding benefit to
5communities throughout Wisconsin; and
SJR28,1,76 Whereas, pregnancy care centers serve women in Wisconsin and across the
7United States with integrity, dignity, and compassion; and
SJR28,1,118 Whereas, more than 2,500 pregnancy care centers across the United States
9provide comprehensive care to women and men facing unplanned pregnancies,
10including resources to meet their physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual
11needs; and
SJR28,1,1512 Whereas, pregnancy care centers offer women free, confidential, and
13compassionate services, including pregnancy tests, peer counseling, 24-hour
14telephone hotlines, childbirth and parenting classes, and referrals to community,
15health care, and other support services; and
1Whereas, many medical pregnancy care centers offer ultrasounds and other
2medical services at no cost to those they serve; and
SJR28,2,43 Whereas, many pregnancy care centers provide valuable information on
4adoption and adoption referrals for pregnant women; and
SJR28,2,75 Whereas, pregnancy care centers encourage women to make positive life
6choices by equipping them with complete and accurate information regarding their
7pregnancy options and the development of their unborn children; and
SJR28,2,108 Whereas, pregnancy care centers provide women with compassionate and
9confidential peer counseling in a nonjudgmental manner regardless of their
10pregnancy outcomes; and
SJR28,2,1211 Whereas, pregnancy care centers provide important support and resources for
12women who choose childbirth over abortion; and
SJR28,2,1413 Whereas, pregnancy care centers ensure that women are receiving prenatal
14information and services that lead to the birth of healthy infants; and
SJR28,2,1615 Whereas, many pregnancy care centers provide grief assistance for women and
16men who regret the loss of their children from past choices they have made; and
SJR28,2,1917 Whereas, pregnancy care centers operate primarily through reliance on the
18voluntary donations and time of individuals who are committed to caring for the
19needs of women and promoting and protecting life; now, therefore, be it
SJR28,2,23 20Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, That the members of the
21Wisconsin legislature strongly support pregnancy care centers in their unique,
22positive contributions to the individual lives of women, men, and babies—both born
23and unborn; and, be it further
1Resolved, That the Wisconsin legislature commends the compassionate work
2of tens of thousands of volunteers and paid staff at pregnancy care centers in
3Wisconsin and across the United States; and, be it further
SJR28,3,6 4Resolved, That the Wisconsin legislature disapproves of the actions of any
5national, state, or local groups attempting to prevent pregnancy care centers from
6effectively serving women and men facing unplanned pregnancies; and, be it further
SJR28,3,9 7Resolved, That the members of the Wisconsin legislature proclaim October
82011 as Pregnancy Care Month in the state of Wisconsin, and commend this
9observance to all citizens.
SJR28,3,1010 (End)