delete and substitute, proposition indivisible 80 (3)
division, when improper80 (2)
floor amendments, corrections in53 (3), (4)
list of amendments which are54 (4)
list of assembly amendments which are not 54 (3)
history file to show name of member or committee
sponsoring53 (1)
how offered by committee18 (2), 53 (3)
in order on 2nd reading and before engrossment 52 (1)
in 3rd degree not accepted52 (2)
may be offered on motion to fix time to which adjournment
is taken70 (2)
may be revived by assembly while proposal is in
amendable stage18 (3), 47 (2)
must be germane to proposal, see Germaneness of amendments
not permitted on resolution by committee on rules
for special order33 (2)
numbering of53 (1)
point of order under advisement:
removes amendment from consideration
62 (3)(b)
presentation of floor amendments53 (2), (3)
presented to chief clerk in proper form 53
provision of53
reading at length, required when not provided 35 (2)
reconsideration of, proper only after reconsideration of final action
on proposal at that stage
73 (4)(c)
reconsideration of proposal, may offer amendments before vote
to reconsider73 (9)
rejected, not to be reoffered on same proposal 49 (1)(b)
revival by assembly when committee does not
recommend adoption18 (3), 47 (2)
precedence of motion for65 (2)(f)
senate amendment to assembly proposal52 (2)(b)
simple, sequence of considering55 (1)(d), (2)(b)
substitute, see Substitute amendment
to motion, to be germane68
to substitute amendment, how considered 55 (2)(a)
when offered52 (1), 53
withdrawn and returned to author66 (1)(g)
Announcement of public hearing14 (2)
Appeal (definition)95 (5)
from ruling of presiding officer (roll call required) 62 (7)
not permitted on presiding officer's announcing order members to speak56 (2)
Appointment of employees of officers and members of assembly 7 (1)
Appointment of representatives, chief clerk reports 5 (1)(k)
Assembly chamber (definition)95 (6)
Assembly citation, see Certificate 97
Assembly organization, committee on9 (3)
approves employee pay plan for assembly 7 (2)
corrective amendment offered by23 (2)
engrossing or enrolling of proposal,
supervises5 (1)(e), 23 (2), (3)
examines appropriateness of legislative citation 96
joint resolution to recall proposal (after passage)
for further action
23 (3)
permitted to introduce proposals in special, extended, or
extraordinary session
93 (2)
staffing pattern, establishes for assembly 7 (4)
substantive corrections in proposal23 (2), (3)
supervises copying for assembly38
Assembly privilege61 (1)
precedence of question65 (1)(g)
question of, interrupts debate57 (1)(a)
Assembly resolution:
advice and consent51m
change assembly rules89
citation, when used in place of resolution 97 (1)
copies to be available 24 hours before consideration unless privileged35 (1)
definition of resolution95 (71)
division not proper80 (4)
may be considered in special, extended, or extraordinary
memorializing Congress and federal government
prohibited32 (1)(a), 39 (1), 41 (1)
opinion of assembly expressed95 (71)
organizing assembly, not impaired by motion for
reconsideration73 (10)
presentation of39
privileged when relating to members, procedure, or
organization43 (1)
readings required41
referred to standing committee, next calendar, or committee on rules,
unless privileged
42 (1)(a)
relating to rules of assembly (majority of current membership)89
relating to rules of assembly: taken up on 2nd legislative
day after introduction
43 (2)
rereferred to committee13 (1)(am), 42 (3)(c), 45
special orders of business established by (12 hours
notice required)33 (4)
to reprimand, censure, or expel a member, procedure 21, 43 (3)
Assistant majority, minority leader:
duties2 (1), (2)
election, removal, term2 (1)
member of:
committee on assembly organization9 (3)
committee on rules24 (1)
presides, when4 (1)
Attendance, roll call vote taken, must be in chairs 30 (1)
Audiovisual transmission, committee members
considered present11 (3m)
Audit, committee on, see also s. 13.53, stats.9 (5)
Authority of rules of assembly, see also art. IV, sec. 8, Wis. Con.91
Ayes and noes on roll call vote shown in journal 76 (9)
changes not permitted39 (3)