Special committee on ethics and standards of conduct Rule 21
Committee on assembly organization Rule 23
Committee on rules Rule 24
Chapter 3: Daily Sessions
Admission to the floor of the assembly Rule 25
Conduct in the chamber Rule 26
Absences and leaves Rule 27
Hour for convening Rule 28
Assembly calendar Rule 29
Call of the roll; quorum Rule 30
Regular orders of business Rule 31
Variations in the regular order; special orders Rule 32
Resolutions for special orders of business Rule 33
Chapter 4: General Procedures on Proposals and Related Matters
Chief clerk receives matters addressed to the assembly Rule 34
Proposals, amendments, and reports to beprovided before debate Rule 35
Clerical corrections to proposals or amendments Rule 36
Petitions and other documents Rule 37
Assembly publications and printing Rule 38
Chapter 5: Offering, Introduction, and Disposition of Proposals
Introduction and offering of proposals Rule 39
Readings of bills Rule 40
Readings of resolutions Rule 41
First reading and reference of proposals Rule 42
Privileged resolutions Rule 43
Vetoes Rule 44
Subsequent reference of proposals Rule 45
Second reading and amendment of proposals Rule 46
Main question before assembly Rule 47
Third reading and decisions on proposals Rule 48
Adverse and final disposition Rule 49
Messaging to the senate Rule 50
Enrolling; further consideration Rule 51
Advice and consent of the assembly Rule 51m
Chapter 6: Amendments
Offering amendments Rule 52
Drafting of amendments Rule 53
Germaneness of assembly amendments Rule 54
Sequence of considering amendments Rule 55
Chapter 7: General Rules of Debate
Recognition Rule 56
Interruptions Rule 57
Calling a member to order Rule 58
Conduct during debate Rule 59
Debate on delayed calendars Rule 60
Questions of privilege Rule 61
Points of order and appeals Rule 62
Chapter 8: Motions and Other Actions During Debate
Putting a motion Rule 63
Seconding Rule 64
Privileged and subsidiary motions and requestsduring debate Rule 65
Incidental motions, requests and questions during debate Rule 66
Nondebatable motions Rule 67
Amendments to motions to be germane Rule 68
Dilatory motions Rule 69
Motion to recess Rule 69m
Adjourning Rule 70
Ending debate Rule 71
Postponing; rejecting; referring Rule 72
Reconsidering Rule 73
Tabling Rule 74
Chapter 9: Putting Questions and Voting
Stating the question Rule 75
Voting Rule 76
Voting mandatory; exceptions Rule 77
Presiding officer votes Rule 78
Pairs Rule 79
Division of the question Rule 80
Tie loses question Rule 81
Interruptions of clerk during roll call Rule 82
Chapter 10: Procedures Under Call
Call of the assembly Rule 83
Members to remain in chamber when under call Rule 84
Sergeant to bring in absentees Rule 85
Business under call Rule 86
Lifting a call Rule 87
Successive calls on same question Rule 88
Chapter 11: Change, Suspension, Authority of Rules
Changing assembly rules Rule 89
Suspension of the rules Rule 90
Authority and interpretation of the rules Rule 91
Continuity of assembly rules Rule 92
Special, extended, or extraordinary sessions Rule 93
Content, format, and style of rules and manual Rule 94
Chapter 12: Miscellaneous
Definitions Rule 95
Legislative citations Rule 96
Assembly citations Rule 97
Campaign committee activity Rule 98