Alphabetical Index
Revised by Legislative Reference Bureau
(January 2011)
Joint Rule
Act, definition99 (1)
Acts, Wisconsin:
index to, legislative reference bureau prepares 77 (5), (6)
numbered in continuous sequence for biennium 79 (6)
publication date and enactment date of (s. 35.095, stats.) 65
Address of the legislature, removal of judge
by (2/3 vote required)12 (2)(c)
Adjourn, definition99 (2)
for more than 3 days requires consent of other house13
smaller than majority11 (3)
Administration, department of:
consolidates agency fiscal estimates 41 (3)(d)
coordinates fiscal estimate procedure 46
drafting requests, may submit to legislative
reference bureau 51 (2)
local fiscal effect 42 (1)(c)
minor clerical corrections in agency fiscal
estimates 41 (3)(i), 46 (5)
supplemental fiscal estimate
(if disagreement) 41 (3)(c), (f), 48 (3)
Administrative rules, review of proposed:
history, information recorded 32 (1)
notice of, published in journal 73 (4)
public hearing, announced in schedule of
committee activities75
report on committee proceedings 31
status of legislative action on 78
Adoption, definition99 (3)
Advance notice of committee activities 27, 75
Advance reproduction of bills, extraordinary
or special session 81 (2)(c)
Advice and consent on nominations76 (1), 81 (3)(b)
Amendatory proposals and acts, display of text in 64
Amendment, definition99 (4)
catalog of sections affected (in bill title) not changed by 52 (7)
clerical correction in, by chief clerk or legislative
reference bureau 56
constitution, Wisconsin or United States 57, 58
disagreement on, between houses 3 (1)
enacting or enabling clause (Joint Rule 52 (3)),
reinserted if deleted by amendment56 (3)(a)
fiscal estimate not required 41 (2)(a), 48 (2)
major amendment, chief clerk may order
reproduction of engrossed 63
nonconcurrence by other house, how reconsidered
and rejected2
offered by request, name to be recorded 55 (2)
offering of, 4 copies required 54 (2)
of statute law, how shown in text 52 (5), 64
receding from position on 2
supplemental fiscal estimate on bill as affected by
amendment may be requested:
by joint committee on finance 41 (3)(a)
by presiding officer on request of bill's author 41 (3)(b)
by primary author during 5-day review of bill's
estimate48 (2)
title of proposal, how treated in 52 (7)
to United States constitution, how considered 58
to Wisconsin constitution, 2nd consideration 57
Analyses on substitute amendments51m
Appeal, definition99 (5)
ayes and noes (3/5 quorum) required 11 (2)
fiscal estimates 41
increase or decrease, how shown in bill 52 (5)(b), 64 (1)(b)
Approval and jacketing of draft proposals 54
Assembly chamber, definition99 (6)
Assembly organization, committee on, see Committee
on organization (of either house)
Author index to legislation, legislative reference
bureau prepares 77 (2), (3)
Authors, coauthors, and cosponsors on bills, joint
resolutions, citations 55 (1)
Ayes and noes required:
appropriation bill (quorum of 3/5 of members
elected required) 11 (2)
conference report approval (majority of quorum
or qualified majority) 3 (1)(b), (c)
constitutional amendment:
United States constitution (quorum of majority of
current membership (Joint Rules 11 and 12)) 58 (2)
Wisconsin constitution (majority of members
elected) 12 (2)(f)
expulsion of member (2/3 of members elected) 12 (2)(b)
fiscal bills defined (3/5 quorum of members
elected required) 11 (2)
investigation by assembly (majority of members
elected) 12 (2)(g)
trial by senate (2/3 vote of members elected) 12 (2)(e)
joint rules: amend, create, or repeal (majority of
actual membership) 96
joint rules: suspend (2/3 of members present) 96 (3)
judge, removal by address of the legislature
(2/3 vote of members elected required) 12 (2)(c)
one-sixth of members may require entry of ayes
and nays in journal12 (3)
pension bills (3/4 vote of all members elected
to both houses required) 12 (2)(am)
state debt and bonding (majority of members elected)12 (2)(f)
suspending joint rule (2/3 vote or of members
present unanimous consent) 96 (3)
veto override (2/3 of members present) 12 (2)(d)
Biennial session, art. XIII-1, Wis. Con., s. 13.02, stats.:
floorperiods, periods of committee work 81 (2), (3), 81m, 82
records continue throughout biennium 79
Bill, definition99 (7)