increase or decrease, how shown in bill 52 (5)(b), 64 (1)(b)
Approval and jacketing of draft proposals 54
Assembly chamber, definition99 (6)
Assembly organization, committee on, see Committee
on organization (of either house)
Author index to legislation, legislative reference
bureau prepares 77 (2), (3)
Authors, coauthors, and cosponsors on bills, joint
resolutions, citations 55 (1)
Ayes and noes required:
appropriation bill (quorum of 3/5 of members
elected required) 11 (2)
conference report approval (majority of quorum
or qualified majority) 3 (1)(b), (c)
constitutional amendment:
United States constitution (quorum of majority of
current membership (Joint Rules 11 and 12)) 58 (2)
Wisconsin constitution (majority of members
elected) 12 (2)(f)
expulsion of member (2/3 of members elected) 12 (2)(b)
fiscal bills defined (3/5 quorum of members
elected required) 11 (2)
investigation by assembly (majority of members
elected) 12 (2)(g)
trial by senate (2/3 vote of members elected) 12 (2)(e)
joint rules: amend, create, or repeal (majority of
actual membership) 96
joint rules: suspend (2/3 of members present) 96 (3)
judge, removal by address of the legislature
(2/3 vote of members elected required) 12 (2)(c)
one-sixth of members may require entry of ayes
and nays in journal12 (3)
pension bills (3/4 vote of all members elected
to both houses required) 12 (2)(am)
state debt and bonding (majority of members elected)12 (2)(f)
suspending joint rule (2/3 vote or of members
present unanimous consent) 96 (3)
veto override (2/3 of members present) 12 (2)(d)
Biennial session, art. XIII-1, Wis. Con., s. 13.02, stats.:
floorperiods, periods of committee work 81 (2), (3), 81m, 82
records continue throughout biennium 79
Bill, definition99 (7)
Bill history: required content 32 (1)
Bill title: required content 52 (1)
how treated in amendments 52 (7)
additional copies, procurement of 62 (2)
amendatory, display of text in 64
analysis by legislative reference bureau 52 (2)
appropriation increase or decrease, how shown in52 (5)(b), 64 (1)(b)
approval and jacketing of drafts 54
authors, coauthors, and cosponsors 55 (1)
carried forward to even-numbered year, which 83 (3)
certification of passage determined by senate and
assembly rules 32 (3)
chief clerk supervises entry of actions in history file 32 (1)
clerical correction in, by chief clerk or legislative
reference bureau 56
coauthors and cosponsors on 55 (1)
committee report filed in bill jacket 31 (4)
disposition of, at end of certain floorperiods 83 (3), (4)
drafting of, by legislative reference bureau 51
drafting requests, LRB numbers consecutive
throughout biennium 79 (1)
enacting clause required by art. IV-17 (1),
Wis. Con. 52 (3), 56 (3)(a)
engrossed, chief clerk may order reproduced 63
book of, kept by chief clerk open for inspection 33
chief clerk submits to office of the governor 34
enrolling of, by legislative reference bureau 60
explanative notes 59
fiscal effect bills, jacket to display "FE" 44
fiscal estimate procedure 41 to 50
format, text display, and structure of 52
history, information recorded in history file 32 (1)
index to, published by subject and author 77 (1), (2)
by request, name to be recorded 55 (2)
four copies required 54 (2)
prohibited following last general business
floorperiod 83 (5)
identification of regular or special session 79 (2), (3)
official record of history of legislative action
on proposals 32 (1)
see history file
numbering of Sections in bills and substitute
amendments 52 (4)
persons authorized to use drafting services of
legislative reference bureau 51
presentment to governor34
recalled from governor for further action 5
recalled from other house for further action 6
relating clause to record rule-making authority,
required referendum, new penalty, and
appropriation 52 (1)(d)
report by committee on 31
generally 14, 62
quantity reproduced 62
special or extraordinary session, reproduction in
advance of 81 (2)(c)
title, form of 52 (1)
how treated in amendments 52 (7)
Bonding, public debt bill passage (majority of elected
membership) 12 (2)(f)
Budget bill:
descriptive short title may be used for budget and
other long bills 52 (1)(e)
fiscal estimate not required for s. 16.47 budget bills 41 (1)(b)
Bulletin of proceedings:
administrative rules bulletin: legislative council
staff, legislative reference bureau, chief clerks
prepare jointly 77, 78
administrative rules review 78