Committees of conference Rule 20m
Special committees Rule 21
Advice and consent of the senate Rule 22
Committee not to be absent Rule 23
Committee quorum; subcommittees Rule 24
Business in committees; notice of meeting Rule 25
Schedule of committee activities Rule 26
Committee reports Rule 27
Minority reports Rule 28
Chapter 4: Proposals — Procedure
Copies of proposals Rule 29
Filing of proposals Rule 30
Clerical corrections to proposals Rule 31
Reference to proposals and other matters Rule 32
Introduction or offering of new proposals; admissibility of identical proposals; admissibility of resolutions in special session Rule 33
Proposals to be on file one day before action Rule 34
Three separate readings Rule 35
First reading; reference to committee Rule 36
Second reading; ordering to a 3rd reading Rule 37
Third reading; question Rule 38
Minimum special quorum Rule 39
Proposal amended on 3rd reading to be reengrossed Rule 40
Rereference in order; withdrawing from committee Rule 41
Messaging to the assembly; proposals held duringreconsideration period Rule 42
Enrolling bills and joint resolutions Rule 43
Signing of documents Rule 44
Presentation to the governor Rule 44m
Offering of privileged resolution Rule 45
Presentation, introduction, and offering of proposals and other matters Rule 46
Chapter 5: Amendments — Form and Procedure
When amendments may be considered Rule 47
Reading of amendments Rule 48
Offering amendments Rule 49
Substitute amendments and amendments must be germane Rule 50
Amendment in the 3rd degree prohibited Rule 51
Committee amendments; speaking on amendment Rule 53
Order of action Rule 55
Chapter 6: General Procedure — Order in Debate
Recognition; debate Rule 56
Presiding officer to name first speaker Rule 57
Member out of order Rule 58
How members may speak Rule 59
Personal privilege Rule 60
Special privilege Rule 61
Stating motions Rule 62
Motions in order during debate Rule 63
Motion to adjourn always in order Rule 64
Laying on table Rule 65
Motion to postpone Rule 66
Motion to reconsider Rule 67
Questions to be decided without debate and not placed on table Rule 68
Privileged motion or resolution Rule 69
Division of question Rule 70
Putting question Rule 71
Ayes and noes Rule 72
Every member to vote Rule 73
Missed roll calls Rule 73m
Explanation of vote not allowed Rule 74
Recording position of absent member Rule 75
Chapter 7: Limiting Debate
Scheduling time limits for debate Rule 76
Voting immediately; time limit on debate Rule 77
But one motion to reconsider in order; main question may remain before the senate Rule 79
But one call of the senate in order Rule 80
Chapter 8: Call of the Senate
Call of the senate Rule 81
Putting question Rule 82
Doors to be closed Rule 83
Sergeant to bring in absentees Rule 84
Transacting business while under call Rule 85
Sergeant at arms may report Rule 86
Call raised when absentees present and business disposed of Rule 87
Chapter 9: Employees
Employment and supervision of senate employees Rule 88
Certification of payroll Rule 89
Chapter 10: Rules
Creating, amending, or repealing rules Rule 90
Suspending rules Rule 91
Continuity of senate rules Rule 92
Special or extraordinary sessions Rule 93
Publishing of senate rules Rule 94
Chapter 11: Miscellaneous
Copies for senate Rule 95
Governor's veto message Rule 95m
Fiscal estimates Rule 96
Space assignments Rule 97
Citations on behalf of the senate; joint citations Rule 98
Definitions Rule 99