Alphabetical Index
Revised by Legislative Reference Bureau
January 2011
Senate Rule
call of the senate81 (1)
committee members not to be absent23
granting of leave under call85 (7)
leave of absence, members16
members absent or not voting reported by chief clerk72 (1)
missed roll calls73m
motion to grant leave not debatable68
number smaller than a quorum may compel
attendance of15, 81 (1)
position on issue, statement of, by absent member75
temporary absence of president, president pro tem,
temporary presiding officer2
under call of senate, prior leave expires upon return85 (7)
Absentees during call, names to be read and entered
in journal84
Act (definition)99 (1)
Adjourn (definition)99 (2)
call of senate expires as the result of, may be renewed85 (6)
call of senate superseded by motion for85 (1), (5)
honors, under 15th order of business17 (1)(o)
is 16th order of business17 (1)(p)
member's limit to speak twice on question
continues through adjournment59
motion to adjourn always in order, exceptions64
motion to adjourn amendable only as to time63 (1)(b)
motion to adjourn not debatable, may not be tabled68
pending motion or question is lost by59
precedence of motion for63, 64
smaller number than quorum may adjourn15, 85 (6)
Administrative rules, committee for review of
(see also ss. 13.56 and 13.565 stats.)20 (3)
bill to suspend rule, how placed in committee on
senate organization41 (1)(d)
objection by standing committee to proposed rule,
president refers to JCRAR46 (2)(am)
report concerning action (or inaction) on proposed rule27 (2)
senate committee (JCRAR) may return proposal
referred by senate20 (3)(b)
Administrative rules, review of:
bill to suspend proposed administrative rule: reference
to calendar after 30 days41 (1)(d)
notice and report referred to committee
by president46 (2)(am)
objection by standing committee to proposed rule,
president refers to JCRAR46 (2)(am)
report concerning action (or inaction) on
proposed rule17 (1)(f), 27 (2)
rereference to different standing committee46 (2)(b)
Admission to senate floor:
contestants for seats admitted to12
correspondents of news media admitted, limited to
press lobby while senate meeting in session;
recording by11 (5), (7)
denied to person engaged in defeating or
promoting legislation11 (3), (4)
disturbance on, and clearing of members and others13
floor access limited to governor, lieutenant
governor, members of legislature,
certain senate staff11 (1)
invitees of committee on senate organization
admitted to11 (6)
legislative employees, admitted to staff lobby
while performing their duties11 (2)
staff lobby access granted to state officers,
members of congress, supreme court justices,
former legislators, and others11 (2)
Adoption (definition)99 (3)
Adverse disposition:
committee recommendation controls question55
joint resolution for all pending business, includes
business under call85 (1)
motion not permitted twice on same day at same
stage of proposal66
Adverse and final disposition:46 (6)
proposal not to be renewed in senate in same session33 (2)
Advice and consent of senate22
Advisement, presiding office may take point
of order under7 (2), (3)
Amend, precedence of motion to63 (1)(n)
Amendable stage in consideration of proposal37, 47 (1)
revival of amendment not reported by committee27 (3)
Amendment (definition)99 (4)
adoption of, does not change question55
adoption of, prior distribution of copies required34 (2)
amendment to, must be germane to both amendment
and proposal50 (4)
assembly amendment to senate proposal: not to be
referred to committee41 (2)
coauthors, cosponsors not to be changed while sitting
in session17 (5)
committee, treated same as other53
considered only on 2nd reading47 (1)
constitution, to
2nd consideration, how to amend; see Joint Rule 57 (2)
distribution of34 (2), 46 (5)
executive veto, bill not amendable47 (5)
form and substance49, 50
germaneness of50
identical in effect with one previously offered to
same proposal50 (6)(a)
in 3rd or higher degree prohibited51
legislative reference bureau to put in proper form49
motion for main question, pending and new amendments
considered immediately without debate77 (3)
not distributed, to be read at length48
not permitted on motion to raise a call85 (5)
offered for purpose of being reproduced,
form and contents46 (5)
offered from floor49
offering of, after main question is ordered, permitted77 (3)
on 3rd reading, bill reengrossed40