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Period ending December 31, 2014
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Requirements to perform abortions revised; ultrasound required before informed consent for an abortion; penalty and exception provisions - Act 37
academic excellence scholarshipAcademic excellence scholarship, see Scholarships and loans
access to public recordsAccess to public records, see Public record
acquired immunodeficiency syndromeAcquired immunodeficiency syndrome
HIV care coordination and early intervention services grants: appropriations modified [Sec. 1054j, k, 2086s] - Act 20
actions against the stateActions against the state, see Claims
ad valorem taxAd valorem tax, see Taxation
adjutant generalAdjutant General
Emergency management volunteer: state shall reimburse local governments for WC claims [Sec. 397, 2163g, r] - Act 20
Third deputy adjutant general in DMA authorized and duties specified - Act 98
administration, department of _ agency and general functionsAdministration, Department of -- Agency and general functions
Certified survey map ordinance or resolution may divide land into more than 4 parcels without the division being a subdivision; conditions and extraterritorial plat provisions; DOA and DOT review required under certain conditions - Act 272
Clean Water Fund Program and Safe Drinking Water Loan Program revisions re providing financial assistance - Act 7
Community development block grant: DOA authorized to administer any program funded by [Sec. 63, 64, 455-459] - Act 20
Consolidation of DSPS and DATCP: DOA study required [Sec. 9101 (3s)] - Act 20
DOA provision of legal services to any executive branch state agency that does not have a secretary [Sec. 50, 51] - Act 20
Domestic abuse incidents: law enforcement to report when an arrest is not made and procedures following an incident; victim access to service provider information; DOJ access to prosecutor technology for case tracking system maintained by DOA - Act 323
Facility design services to state agencies: DOA permitted to provide; fee provisions [Sec. 138, 432] - Act 20
Information technology and communication services provided by DOA to state authorities, local governmental units, and other nonstate entities: appropriation revisions [Sec. 421m, 424, 427] [424, 427 -- partial veto] - Act 20
Information technology and telecommunication services: DOA may charge an individual for costs of providing; right of public inspection withheld [Sec. 188y-191, 420g, r] [189r, 190 -- partial veto] - Act 20
Information technology FTE positions transferred from DSPS to DOA [Sec. 9138 (5)] - Act 20
Information technology infrastructure services: DOA and another agency jointly submit request for transfer of positions, equipment, and systems to JCF for approval [Sec. 188m, 426m] [vetoed] - Act 20
Integrated business information system: appropriation modified and name changed to enterprise resource planning system [Sec. 187, 422, 423, 476, 477] - Act 20
Intergovernmental affairs offices to conduct public outreach and promote coordination between agencies: DOA secretary to maintain and regional director positions authorized [Sec. 53, 494, 2009] - Act 20
Land information program and register of deeds fees revised; statewide digital parcel map provisions, DOA and county board duties and report required; land information fund established [Sec. 185g-186y, 420d, f, 514u, 530m, 1241-1242g, 1247d-1250g, 9429 (1i)] - Act 20
``Land surveying" replaced with ``practice of professional land surveying" and definition revised; license replaces certificate of registration; examining board and section names changed; apprenticeship path to licensure eliminated; certain registration exemptions eliminated; other revisions re town survey to erect monuments, cemetery authority plat or map, ordinary high water mark included on certain maps or plats, subdivision plats, certified survey maps, and recording certain plats - Act 358
MacKenzie Environmental Education Center: DOA report on status and condition of buildings required; DNR appropriation [Sec. 9101 (2i), 9132 (3i)] - Act 20
Phosphorus in state waters: statewide variance to water quality rules for certain dischargers and conditions specified, DOA and DNR duties; adaptive management to achieve compliance with water quality standard permitted - Act 378
Position elimination in DNR: DOA report to JCF required [Sec. 9101 (3u)] [partial veto] - Act 20
Public library systems study by DOA and DPI, report required [Sec. 9101 (3L)] [vetoed] - Act 20
Racing plastic or rubber ducks raffle provisions created, DOA approval required; licensed organizations wishing to conduct a type of raffle not specified in the statutes must submit request to DOA for approval - Act 273
Raffle regulations revised; removes DOA authority to promulgate rules re raffles [vetoed] - SB628
UW prohibition on being a member, partner, or shareholder in organizations providing telecommunications services: exception for organization that advances research or higher education, other criteria specified; DOA secretary duty [Sec. 605g-608b] - Act 20
Volunteer Health Care Provider Program: additional providers allowed to participate; exempts certain advanced practice nurses from proof of financial responsibility and medical malpractice requirements; DOA and DHS duties modified; nonprofit agency responsibilities re volunteers specified - Act 344
Volunteer Health Care Provider Program: out-of-state volunteer permitted under certain conditions; requirements for nonprofit agencies specified and report to DOA required - Act 241
administration, department of _ boards and other subdivisionsAdministration, Department of -- Boards and other subdivisions
Facilities Development, Division of: fee assessments re capital planning and building construction services [Sec. 155m] [vetoed] - Act 20
Proposal to eliminate any council, board, or commission that has not met since the preceding September 15 to be included in DOA's agency request [Sec. 65r] - Act 20
Service award program re voluntary fire fighters, first responders, and EMTs: funding increased [Sec. 430] - Act 20
administration, department of _ budget and fiscal issuesAdministration, Department of -- Budget and fiscal issues
Diesel truck idling reduction grants: DSPS authority to award sunsetted and transferred to DOA [Sec. 215, 216, 1710, 9138 (6)] - Act 20
Efficiency initiatives: reimbursing businesses for assisting local governmental units in establishing [Sec. 54m, 413s, 9101 (4q), 9401 (2q)] - Act 20
Executive branch state agency FTE position reductions and DOA duties, report required [Sec. 9101 (3c)] - Act 20
Fund of funds investment program created; DOA, LAB, JCF, and SWIB duties; investment manager, venture capital funds, and report provisions [partial veto] - Act 41
Furniture procured through prison industries [Sec. 114b, bd, 9301 (1e)] [vetoed] - Act 20
GPR and PR appropriation lapses from specified agencies; certain 2011 WisAct 32 lapses eliminated [Sec. 2365, 9252 (1)] - Act 20
Legal services contract on contingency fee basis: executive agencies prohibited from entering unless the governor makes a written determination, DOA duties specified; limitations specified; report required - Act 105
Municipal expenditures for operations, contracts, and grants: DOA to make available on a searchable Internet Web site [Sec. 65b-h] [vetoed] - Act 20