2013 - 2014 LEGISLATURE
March 6, 2013 - Offered by Representative Sinicki.
AB15-ASA1-AA1,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the substitute amendment as follows:
AB15-ASA1-AA1,1,2 21. Page 4, line 22: after "(6)" insert "(a)".
AB15-ASA1-AA1,1,4 32. Page 6, line 19: delete the material beginning with "of a" and ending with
4"one" on line 20 and substitute "of the layoffs of 2".
AB15-ASA1-AA1,1,5 53. Page 7, line 11: after "period" insert "or periods".
AB15-ASA1-AA1,1,6 64. Page 7, line 11: after "exceed" insert "a total of".
AB15-ASA1-AA1,1,8 75. Page 7, line 15: delete the material beginning with "regular" and ending
8with "part-time," on line 16.
AB15-ASA1-AA1,1,10 96. Page 7, line 19: delete the material beginning with "for" and ending with
10"period" on line 20.
17. Page 7, line 21: delete the material beginning with "the employees" and
2ending with "plan," on line 23 and substitute "each employee in the work unit and
3the percentage reduction in the average hours of work per week worked by that
4employee, exclusive of overtime hours, which shall be applied in a uniform manner
AB15-ASA1-AA1,2,7 68. Page 7, line 24: delete the material beginning with "the employees" and
7ending with "plan" on line 25 and substitute "that employee".
AB15-ASA1-AA1,2,8 89. Page 8, line 13: after that line insert:
AB15-ASA1-AA1,2,13 9"(n) Indicate whether the plan will include training to enhance job skills
10sponsored by the employer and acknowledge that, pursuant to federal law, the
11employees in the work unit may participate in training funded under the federal
12Workforce Investment Act of 1998 without affecting availability for work, subject to
13the approval of the department.".
AB15-ASA1-AA1,2,14 1410. Page 8, line 16: after "plan" insert "unless modified under sub. (3m)".
AB15-ASA1-AA1,2,15 1511. Page 8, line 16: after that line insert:
AB15-ASA1-AA1,2,19 16"(3m) Modification of plans. Upon application of an employer that created
17a plan, the department may approve a modification to the plan. An approved
18modification is effective beginning on the date that the modification is approved by
19the department and is effective for the remaining effective period of the plan.".
AB15-ASA1-AA1,2,20 2012. Page 9, line 6: after " amount." insert "(a)".
AB15-ASA1-AA1,2,21 2113. Page 9, line 6: after "in" insert "par. (b) and".
AB15-ASA1-AA1,2,22 2214. Page 9, line 12: after that line insert:
1"(b) No employee who is included in a work unit is eligible to receive any
2benefits for a week in which the plan is in effect in which the employee is engaged
3in work for the employer that sponsors the plan which, when combined with work
4performed by the employee for any other employer for the same week, exceed 90
5percent of the employee's average hours of work per week for the employer that
6creates the plan, as identified in the plan.".
AB15-ASA1-AA1,3,7 715. Page 9, line 15: after "(6)" insert "(a)".
AB15-ASA1-AA1,3,8 816. Page 9, line 17: after "(6)" insert "(a)".
AB15-ASA1-AA1,3,9 917. Page 9, line 19: after "(6)" insert "(a)".
AB15-ASA1-AA1,3,10 1018. Page 9, line 22: after "(6)" insert "(a)".
AB15-ASA1-AA1,3,11 1119. Page 9, line 25: after "(6)" insert "(a)".
AB15-ASA1-AA1,3,12 1220. Page 10, line 2: after "(6)" insert "(a)".
AB15-ASA1-AA1,3,16 1321. Page 10, line 5: after "began" insert "and any additional hours in which
14the employee is engaged in training to enhance job skills sponsored by the employer
15that creates the plan or training funded under the federal Workforce Investment Act
16of 1998 that is approved by the department".
AB15-ASA1-AA1,3,17 1722. Page 10, line 9: after "(6)" insert "(a)".
AB15-ASA1-AA1,3,19 1823. Page 10, line 12: after "program." insert "An employee's benefit eligibility
19for such work is subject to the limitation under sub. (6) (b).".
AB15-ASA1-AA1,3,20 2024. Page 11, line 23: after that line insert:
AB15-ASA1-AA1,4,5 21"(19) Secretary may waive compliance. The secretary may waive compliance
22with any requirement under this section if the secretary determines that waiver of
23the requirement is necessary to permit continued certification of this chapter for

1grants to this state under Title III of the federal Social Security Act, for maximum
2credit allowances to employers under the federal Employment Tax Act, or for this
3state to qualify for full federal financial participation in the cost of administration
4of this section and financing of benefits to employees participating in work-share
5programs under this section.".