2013 - 2014 LEGISLATURE
June 18, 2013 - Offered by Representative Hulsey.
AB40-ASA1-AA2,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the substitute amendment as follows:
AB40-ASA1-AA2,1,3 21. Page 1, line 1: after that line, in the appropriate place, insert the statutory
3treatments as follows:
AB40-ASA1-AA2,1,5 4"1. "Tax Hike Reversal Amendment"—Restore Homestead Tax and
5Earned Income Tax Credits
AB40-ASA1-AA2,1,96 The 2011-13 biennial budget cut $9 million from the Homestead Tax Credit and
7$16 million from the Earned Income Tax Credit.2 This amendment restores these
8funds to the Homestead Tax and Earned Income Tax Credits, putting $25 million in
9the hands of seniors, homeowners, and Wisconsin's working families immediately.
AB40-ASA1-AA2,1,11 102. "Support our School Children Amendment"—Restore Funding for
11Our Public School Children
1The 2011-13 biennial budget cut $792 million in direct state aid to public school
2districts.3 This amendment takes $792 million from GPR and gives it public school
3districts in the form of direct aid.
AB40-ASA1-AA2,2,5 43. "Invest in College Students Amendment"—Restore Funding to UW
AB40-ASA1-AA2,2,86 The 2011-13 biennial budget cut $250 million from the UW System budget.
7Later in 2011, additional cuts to the UW System totaled $65.8 million. 4 This
8amendment restores $273.8 million to the UW system budget.
AB40-ASA1-AA2,2,10 94. "Invest in Worker Training Amendment"—Restore Funding for
10Technical College Job Training
AB40-ASA1-AA2,2,1311 The 2011-2013 biennial budget cut $71.6 million in general state aid to the
12technical college system.5 This amendment restores $71.6 million in general state
13aid to the technical college system.
AB40-ASA1-AA2,2,15 145. "Illegal Pay-Cut Restoration Fund"—Restore $330 Million to
15130,000 State Workers
AB40-ASA1-AA2,2,2216 This amendment restores the unnecessary pay cuts of the Unfair Despair Act
1710 that forced state public servants to foot the bill for 12.6% of their health insurance
18premiums and 50% of their annual pension payment.6 These benefits were legally
19bargained for in past contracts in lieu of pay increases. Governor Walker statement
20that we were "broke" was ruled to be "false" by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and
21Politifact Wisconsin.7 The Institute for Wisconsin's Future estimated that these cuts
22will ultimately cost the state 9,000 jobs.8
AB40-ASA1-AA2,2,24 236. "Energy Jobs Fund"—Create Revolving Loan Fund to Make State
24Buildings and Schools More Energy Efficient
1Start a revolving loan fund from the State Building commission for up to $700
2million annually for use in making government buildings energy efficient. All state,
3county and municipal and school buildings would be eligible for the loans. The loans
4would be paid back through the realized energy savings and would feature low
5closing costs fees (2%) and no service fees as payments would be made electronically.
6The Energy Center of Wisconsin found that investing $700 million dollars could
7return a net savings of $1.9 billion and create between 11-13,000 jobs now.9 This
8program can be administered through DOA/Focus on Energy.
AB40-ASA1-AA2,3,10 97. "Responsible Frac Sand Oversight Fund"—$1 per ton Tax on Frac
10Sand Mining to Fund DNR Oversight
AB40-ASA1-AA2,3,1311 This amendment levies a $1 per ton fee on frac sand mining, the proceeds of
12which will fund 10.0 positions at the DNR Bureau of Air Management to perform
13permitting, monitoring, and compliance related to sand mining operations.
AB40-ASA1-AA2,3,1614 Any left-over revenue will go to a fund devoted to local community impacts
15caused by frac sand mining such as road repair, sand clean-up, mudslide mitigation,
16wetland repair, and other local impacts related to frac sand mining operations.".