2013 - 2014 LEGISLATURE
June 18, 2013 - Offered by Representatives Vos and Suder.
AB40-ASA1-AA3,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the substitute amendment as follows:
AB40-ASA1-AA3,1,2 21. Page 5, line 6: delete "and 3." and substitute "to 4.".
AB40-ASA1-AA3,1,3 31m. Page 5, line 21: after that line insert:
AB40-ASA1-AA3,1,5 4"em. The methodology to ensure the competitive and transparent sale of the
AB40-ASA1-AA3,1,6 62. Page 6, line 7: delete "This subdivision" and substitute:
AB40-ASA1-AA3,1,7 7"4. This paragraph".
AB40-ASA1-AA3,1,8 83. Page 10, line 7: after "agency" insert "other than the investment board".
AB40-ASA1-AA3,1,9 93m. Page 52, line 24: after that line insert:
AB40-ASA1-AA3,1,11 10"5m. The methodology to ensure the competitive and transparent sale of the
14. Page 65, line 11: delete "The" and substitute "Except as otherwise provided
2by law, the".
AB40-ASA1-AA3,2,3 35. Page 322, line 20: on lines 20 and 21, after "(j)" insert "(title)".
AB40-ASA1-AA3,2,5 46. Page 322, line 23: delete the material beginning with "All moneys" and
5ending with page 323, line 2.
AB40-ASA1-AA3,2,6 67. Page 324, line 11: on lines 11 and 12, after "(fv)" insert "(title)".
AB40-ASA1-AA3,2,8 78. Page 324, line 14: delete the material beginning with "A sum" and ending
8with line 15.
AB40-ASA1-AA3,2,9 99. Page 406, line 12: after that line insert:
AB40-ASA1-AA3,2,10 10" Section 520p. 25.46 (5) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB40-ASA1-AA3,2,1211 25.46 (5) The fees imposed under s. 101.14 168.23 (5) (a) for environmental
AB40-ASA1-AA3,2,15 1310. Page 414, line 1: delete the material beginning with "where" and ending
14with "rule," on line 2 and substitute "at facilities and specified property locations
15where prohibited by s. NR 45.06, Wis. Adm. Code,".
AB40-ASA1-AA3,2,17 1611. Page 513, line 16: delete "intellectually" and substitute
AB40-ASA1-AA3,2,19 1812. Page 656, line 10: delete "A person chosen by the county's public defender's
19office" and substitute "The presiding judge of the circuit court, or his or her designee".
AB40-ASA1-AA3,2,22 2013. Page 665, line 17: delete lines 17 and 18 and substitute "66.0304 (1) (b)
21"Bond" means any bond, note or other obligation of a commission issued or entered
22into or acquired under this section,".
AB40-ASA1-AA3,2,23 2314. Page 677, line 16: after that line insert:
1" Section 1269L. 66.0412 of the statutes is created to read:
AB40-ASA1-AA3,3,3 266.0412 Local regulation of real estate brokers, brokerage services. (1)
3Definitions. In this section:
AB40-ASA1-AA3,3,44 (a) "Broker" means a real estate broker licensed under ch. 452.
AB40-ASA1-AA3,3,55 (b) "Local governmental unit" has the meaning given in s. 66.0131 (1) (a).
AB40-ASA1-AA3,3,66 (c) "Political subdivision" means any city, village, town, or county.
AB40-ASA1-AA3,3,8 7(2) Regulation of brokers, brokerage services. (a) A local governmental unit
8may not enact an ordinance or adopt a resolution that does any of the following:
AB40-ASA1-AA3,3,109 1. In relation to the provision of real estate services, imposes any fees on
10brokers or on real estate brokerage services.
AB40-ASA1-AA3,3,1211 2. Imposes any regulations on the professional services provided by a broker
12or by a person who provides real estate brokerage services.
AB40-ASA1-AA3,3,1513 (b) If a local governmental unit has in effect on the effective date of this
14paragraph .... [LRB inserts date], an ordinance or resolution that is inconsistent with
15par. (a), the ordinance or resolution does not apply and may not be enforced.".
AB40-ASA1-AA3,3,16 1615. Page 678, line 17: after "provision of" insert "state or local".
AB40-ASA1-AA3,3,17 1716. Page 679, line 2: after that line insert:
AB40-ASA1-AA3,3,20 18"(d) A residency requirement imposed by a local governmental unit under par.
19(b) or (c) does not apply to any volunteer law enforcement, fire, or emergency
20personnel who are employees of a local governmental unit.".
AB40-ASA1-AA3,3,23 2117. Page 686, line 20: after "date]" insert ", except that, if the facility is located
22in a municipally designated landmark, the facility is in existence and meets the
23requirements of this subsection on September 30, 2014".
AB40-ASA1-AA3,3,24 2418. Page 687, line 20: delete lines 20 to 25.
119. Page 688, line 1: delete lines 1 to 8.
AB40-ASA1-AA3,4,2 220. Page 693, line 3: delete lines 3 to 11.
AB40-ASA1-AA3,4,3 321. Page 738, line 15: delete lines 15 to 22.
AB40-ASA1-AA3,4,5 422. Page 740, line 19: delete the material beginning with that line and ending
5with page 743, line 19.
AB40-ASA1-AA3,4,6 623. Page 796, line 9: delete lines 9 to 16.
AB40-ASA1-AA3,4,7 724. Page 862, line 2: after that line insert:
AB40-ASA1-AA3,4,8 8" Section 1500f. 77.59 (6) (c) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB40-ASA1-AA3,4,179 77.59 (6) (c) The department shall notify any person who files a petition for
10redetermination that the person may deposit the entire deficiency determination,
11including any penalty or interest, with the department when the petition is filed or
12at any time before the department makes its redetermination. Any deposited
13amount which is refunded shall bear interest at the rate of 9% 3 percent per year
14during the time the funds were on deposit. A person may also pay any portion of a
15deficiency determination admitted to be correct and the payment shall be considered
16an admission of the validity of that portion of the deficiency determination and may
17not be recovered in an appeal or in any other action or proceeding.
AB40-ASA1-AA3,1500j 18Section 1500j. 77.60 (1) (a) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB40-ASA1-AA3,5,319 77.60 (1) (a) Except as provided in par. (b), unpaid taxes shall bear interest at
20the rate of 12% per year from the due date of the return until paid or deposited with
21the department. Taxes refunded to the seller shall bear interest at 9% 3 percent per
22year from the due date of the return to the date on which the refund is certified on
23the refund rolls. An extension of time within which to file a return shall not extend
24the due date of the return for purposes of interest computation. Taxes refunded to

1the buyer shall bear interest at 9% 3 percent per year from the last day of the month
2following the month during which the buyer paid the tax to the date on which the
3refund is certified on the refund rolls.".