2013 - 2014 LEGISLATURE
May 14, 2013 - Offered by Senators L. Taylor, Darling and S. Fitzgerald.
AB85-SA3,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the engrossed bill as follows:
AB85-SA3,1,2 21. Page 9, line 23: delete "provides lobbying services".
AB85-SA3,1,4 32. Page 9, line 24: delete " for, or negotiates on behalf of," and substitute
4"negotiates on behalf of".
AB85-SA3,1,5 53. Page 15, line 2: after that line insert:
AB85-SA3,1,6 6" Section 16e. 59.52 (32) of the statutes is created to read:
AB85-SA3,2,27 59.52 (32) Research department. In any county with a population of 750,000
8or more, the board may enact an ordinance creating a department in county
9government to provide independent and nonpartisan research services for the board
10and the county executive. The department may not consist of more than 4.0 full-time
11equivalent positions. Employees of the department shall be hired and supervised by
12the comptroller, and shall serve at the pleasure of the comptroller. Such a
13department shall respond to requests for services from the board and the county

1executive. The authority to create a department under this subsection may not be
2exercised after the county board enacts its budget for the 2017 fiscal year.".
AB85-SA3,2,3 34. Page 17, line 8: after that line insert:
AB85-SA3,2,4 4" Section 21e. 59.53 (24) of the statutes is created to read:
AB85-SA3,2,115 59.53 (24) Government relations. In any county with a population of 750,000
6or more, if the county has an office of intergovernmental relations or a department
7or subunit of a department that provides lobbying services for the county, that office,
8department, or subunit shall employ one individual who is responsible for
9representing the interests of, and reports to, the county executive and one individual
10who is responsible for representing the interests of, and reports to, the county
AB85-SA3,2,12 125. Page 18, line 25: after that line insert:
AB85-SA3,2,13 13"(d) Any costs associated with a department created under s. 59.52 (32).
AB85-SA3,2,1414 (e) Space rental that is attributable to the county board.".
AB85-SA3,2,1515 (End)