SB409-SSA1,3,1010 2. A south-central Wisconsin region.
SB409-SSA1,3,1111 3. A region consisting of a consortium of counties in northeastern Wisconsin.
SB409-SSA1,3,1212 4. A region consisting of a consortium of counties in central Wisconsin.
SB409-SSA1,3,1313 5. A region consisting of a consortium of counties in southeastern Wisconsin.
SB409-SSA1,3,1514 (b) The department shall ensure that each county in the state is served by one
15of the regional centers created under par. (a).
SB409-SSA1,3,1716 (c) The department may contract with existing organizations or consortiums
17to create any regional center.
SB409-SSA1,3,19 18(2) The department shall ensure that each regional center created under sub.
19(1) (a) has access to the services of all of the following:
SB409-SSA1,3,2220 (a) An individual placement and support trainer or mentor, who is responsible
21for the duties required of a trainer or mentor by an evidence-based individual
22placement and support model of supported employment.
SB409-SSA1,3,2523 (b) An individual placement and support supervisor who is responsible for the
24duties required of a supervisor by an evidence-based individual placement and
25support model of supported employment.
1(3) (a) The department shall award grants to county or tribal unit programs
2or employment sites implementing individual placement and support services or
3regional centers for any of the following activities:
SB409-SSA1,4,44 1. Implementing individual placement and support programs.
SB409-SSA1,4,65 2. Offsetting costs until a program is capable of billing the Medical Assistance
6program for any services covered under the Medical Assistance program.
SB409-SSA1,4,87 3. Becoming a provider of vocational rehabilitation services through the
8department of workforce development.
SB409-SSA1,4,119 (b) An applicant for a grant under this subsection shall, in the grant
10application, identify future sources of possible funding to support the individual
11placement and support services program.
SB409-SSA1,4,14 12(4) The department and regional centers shall provide or arrange for work
13incentive benefits counseling for individuals who are not receiving vocational
14rehabilitation services from the department of workforce development.
SB409-SSA1,4,17 15(5) The department shall seek any approval from the federal department of
16health and human services that is necessary to obtain federal Medicaid matching
17funds, if available, for reimbursement of individual placement and support services.
SB409-SSA1,7 18Section 7. Nonstatutory provisions.
SB409-SSA1,4,1919 (1) Individual placement and support funding.
SB409-SSA1,4,2320 (a) In the 2013-2015 fiscal biennium, the department of health services shall
21award grants and provide moneys for individual placement and support as described
22under section 46.545 of the statutes to be distributed in all of the following
11. From the appropriation under section 20.435 (5) (ag) of the statutes, as
2created by this act, support for individual placement and support trainers or mentors
3and individual placement and support supervisors.
SB409-SSA1,5,6 42. From the appropriation under section 20.435 (5) (br) of the statutes, as
5created by this act, infrastructure pilot grants in the total amount of no more than
6$400,000 to be distributed as described in paragraph (b ).
SB409-SSA1,5,9 73. From the appropriation under section 20.435 (5) (br) of the statutes, as
8created by this act, work incentive benefits counseling for individuals statewide in
9the total amount of no more than $120,000.
SB409-SSA1,5,1210 (b) The department of health services shall award the grants under paragraph
11(a) 2 . using a graduated outcome or incentive payment schedule including awarding
12amounts for the satisfaction by the grant applicant of any of the following criteria:
SB409-SSA1,5,15 131. Developing a steering committee, completing agreements with the
14department of workforce development, becoming a vocational rehabilitation service
15provider, hiring staff, and hosting an event indicating readiness to provide services.
SB409-SSA1,5,16 162. Completing the baseline review within the first 6 months of the program.
SB409-SSA1,5,19 173. Developing a plan for improvements and achieving a certain percentage, as
18determined by the department of health services, of employees retained for a full
19year who are hired under the program.
SB409-SSA1,5,20 204. Achieving good fidelity to the evidence-based model.
SB409-SSA1,8 21Section 8. Effective dates. This act takes effect on the day after publication,
22except as follows:
SB409-SSA1,5,2423 (1) The repeal of section 20.435 (5) (ag) and (br) of the statutes takes effect on
24July 1, 2015.