December 2013 Special Session

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

10:00 A.M.


1.       Call of the Roll.

2.       Introduction, first reading and reference of proposals.

3.       Committee Reports and subsequent reference of proposals.

4.       Messages from the senate, and other communications.

5.       Consideration of conference committee reports and vetoes.

6.       Consideration of senate action on proposals approved by the assembly.

7.       Consideration of motions for reconsideration of passage or concurrence.

8.       Consideration of resolutions.

9.       Third reading of assembly proposals.

10.     Third reading of senate proposals.

11.     Second reading and amendment of assembly proposals.

QUESTION: Shall the proposal be ordered engrossed and read a third time?

December 2013 Special Session  Assembly Bill 1

      Relating to: delaying eligibility changes to BadgerCare Plus and BadgerCare Plus Core and delaying other changes to the Medical Assistance program; and extending coverage under, and the deadline for the dissolution of, the Health Insurance Risk-Sharing Plan. (FE)

      By joint committee on Finance, by request of Governor Scott Walker.

      Report Assembly Amendment 3 adoption, Ayes 13, Noes 0, passage as amended recommended by joint committee on Finance, Ayes 11, Noes 2.

      Referred to calendar of 12-4-2013 pursuant to Assembly Rule 93.

12.     Second reading and amendment of senate proposals.

13.     Motions may be offered.

14.     Announcements.

15.     Adjournment.