Assembly Journal
One-Hundred and First Regular Session
  WEDNESDAY, January 16, 2013
The Chief Clerk makes the following entries under the above date:
Committee Appointments
Each committee is followed by the number of Republicans and Democrats serving on the committee, meeting day and meeting week. The ranking minority party member of each committee is designated by an asterisk.
Aging and Long-Term Care (6, 3) Wednesday (Even)
Endsley, Mike (Chair)
Czaja, Mary (Vice-chair)
Williams, Mary
Bernier, Kathleen
Petryk, Warren
Nerison, Lee
Bernard Schaber, Penny*
Sargent, Melissa
Kahl, Robb
Agriculture (10, 6) Tuesday (Even)
Nerison, Lee (Chair)
Tauchen, Gary (Vice-chair)
Marklein, Howard
Ott, Alvin
Murtha, John
Mursau, Jeffrey
Ripp, Keith
Tranel, Travis
Brooks, Edward
Schraa, Michael
Vruwink, Amy Sue*
Jorgensen, Andy
Danou, Chris
Smith, Stephen
Goyke, Evan
Wright, Mandy
Assembly Organization (5, 3)
  Vos, Robin (Chair)
  Suder, Scott (Vice-chair)
  Steineke, Jim
  Kramer, Bill
  Ballweg, Joan
  Barca, Peter*
  Pasch, Sandy
  Jorgensen, Andy
Campaigns and Elections (6, 3) Tuesday (Odd)
Bernier, Kathleen (Chair)
Pridemore, Don (Vice-chair)
Thiesfeldt, Jeremy
Weininger, Chad
Tranel, Travis
Craig, David
Zamarripa, JoCasta*
Kessler, Frederick
Berceau, Terese
Children and Families (6, 3) Wednesday (Odd)
Krug, Scott (Chair)
Loudenbeck, Amy (Vice-chair)
Endsley, Mike
Schraa, Michael
Spiros, John