Assembly Journal
One-Hundred and First Regular Session
Corrected Copy FRIDAY, August 23, 2013
The Chief Clerk makes the following entries under the above date:
Amendments Offered
hist8685Assembly Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 248 offered by Representatives Thiesfeldt, Hebl and Stone.
Administrative Rules
Relating to Wisconsin's farmland preservation program and affecting small business.
hist8652No action taken by committee on Agriculture on August 20, 2013.
hist8653To joint committee for review of Administrative Rules pursuant to s. 227.19 (5) (a), Wisconsin Statutes.
Referred on August 22, 2013.
Introduction and Reference of Proposals
Read first time and referred:
hist8449Assembly Bill 296
Relating to: inadmissibility of a statement of apology or condolence by a health care provider.
By Representatives Pasch, Kolste, C. Taylor, Riemer, Wachs, Genrich, Ohnstad, Bewley, Hintz, Bernard Schaber, Billings, Pope, Zepnick, Hesselbein, Doyle, Berceau and Kahl; cosponsored by Senators Risser, C. Larson, Lehman and Shilling.
hist8721To committee on Judiciary.
hist8450Assembly Bill 297
Relating to: the use of race-based nicknames, logos, mascots, and team names by school boards.
By Representatives Nass, Craig, Kaufert, Jacque, Tittl, Kramer, Knodl, Ballweg, Sanfelippo, Petersen, Loudenbeck, August, Pridemore, Weatherston, Kuglitsch, Ripp, Schraa, Stroebel, Murphy and LeMahieu; cosponsored by Senators Lazich, Kedzie, Farrow, Ellis, Olsen and Grothman.
hist8722To committee on Urban and Local Affairs.
hist8451Assembly Bill 298
Relating to: creation of a Wisconsin election campaign fund, making appropriations, and providing penalties.
By Representatives Hebl, Shankland, Kolste, Berceau, Zamarripa, Bernard Schaber, Sinicki, Kessler, Wright, Genrich, Doyle, Kahl, Jorgensen, Ohnstad and Milroy.
hist8723To joint committee on Finance.
hist8452Assembly Bill 299
Relating to: requiring the Family Care benefit and self-directed services option to be provided in certain northeastern Wisconsin counties.
By Representatives Genrich, Bernard Schaber, Kolste, Sinicki, Berceau, Richards, Wright, Young, Kahl, Wachs, Jorgensen, Ohnstad, Barnes, Hebl and Barca; cosponsored by Senator Hansen.
hist8724To joint committee on Finance.
hist8453Assembly Bill 300
Relating to: increasing funding for domestic abuse grants and making an appropriation.
By Representatives Kolste, Wachs, Berceau, Goyke, Johnson, Bernard Schaber, Danou, Shankland, Sinicki, Zepnick, Richards, Wright, Pope, Genrich, Doyle, C. Taylor, Young, Kahl, Jorgensen, Ohnstad, Hebl, Ringhand, Milroy, Sargent, Billings and Barca; cosponsored by Senator L. Taylor.
hist8725To joint committee on Finance.
hist8454Assembly Bill 301
Relating to: defaults on payday loans and loans by licensed lenders.
By Representatives Hintz, Barnes, Kolste, Goyke, Bewley, Johnson, Bernard Schaber, Shankland, Mason, Sinicki, Berceau, Zepnick, Richards, Wright, Pope, Doyle, Young, Kahl, Wachs, Clark, Jorgensen, Ohnstad, Hebl, Milroy, Billings and Barca.
hist8726To joint committee on Finance.
hist8455Assembly Bill 302
Relating to: the engagement of engineering and similar services by the Department of Transportation.
By Representatives Jorgensen, Kolste, Goyke, Bewley, Bernard Schaber, Sinicki, Berceau, Wright, Young, Wachs, Ohnstad and Hebl; cosponsored by Senator T. Cullen.
hist8727To joint committee on Finance.
hist8456Assembly Bill 303
Relating to: creating a nonrefundable individual income tax credit for interest paid on certain student loans.
By Representatives Kolste, Jorgensen, Wachs, Goyke, Hebl, Mason, Bernard Schaber, Shankland, Sinicki, Berceau, Zepnick, Richards, Wright, Smith, Doyle, C. Taylor, Young, Kahl, Ohnstad, Milroy and Billings; cosponsored by Senator T. Cullen.
hist8728To joint committee on Finance.
hist8457Assembly Bill 304
Relating to: grants for farm to school programs and making an appropriation.
By Representatives Wright, C. Taylor, Bewley, Goyke, Bernard Schaber, Danou, Sinicki, Berceau, Pope, Genrich, Doyle, Kahl, Wachs, Clark, Jorgensen, Ohnstad, Hebl, Ringhand, Vruwink, Billings and Barca.
hist8729To joint committee on Finance.
hist8458Assembly Bill 305
Relating to: grazing lands conservation grants and making an appropriation.
By Representatives Smith, Wright, Danou, Goyke, Bernard Schaber, Shankland, Sinicki, Berceau, Wachs, Clark, Jorgensen, Ohnstad, Hebl and Milroy.
hist8730To joint committee on Finance.
hist8459Assembly Bill 306
Relating to: monitoring industrial sand mining and processing operations and making an appropriation.