By Senators C. Larson, S. Fitzgerald, Hansen, Shilling, L. Taylor, Risser, T. Cullen, Gudex, Harsdorf, Kedzie, Wirch, Cowles, Tiffany, Lassa, Harris, Olsen, Ellis, Miller, Jauch, Lehman, Lazich, Schultz and Vinehout; cosponsored by Representatives Barca, Vos, Murphy, Hebl, Bernard Schaber, Goyke, Johnson, Jorgensen, Hesselbein, Danou, Sargent, Genrich, Tittl, Barnes, Ballweg, Kessler, Kahl, Bewley, Kleefisch, Spiros, Clark, Thiesfeldt, Kolste, Hintz, Kerkman, Ohnstad, Born, Shankland, Schraa, Ringhand, Williams, Kooyenga, Brooks, T. Larson, Wright, Wachs, Zamarripa, Pridemore, Berceau, Murtha, A. Ott, Riemer, Richards, Swearingen, Knodl, Ripp, Jagler, Petryk, Petersen, Sinicki, Billings, Vruwink and Bernier.
hist9584To committee on Rules.
Senate Joint Resolution 49
Relating to: the Wisconsin Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission.
By Senators Grothman, Darling, Carpenter, Erpenbach, Schultz, Cowles, L. Taylor, Lehman, Hansen, T. Cullen, Vinehout, Shilling and Lassa; cosponsored by Representatives Strachota, Thiesfeldt, Born, Kahl, Kerkman, Kestell, Pridemore, Sanfelippo, Danou, Pope, Goyke, A. Ott, Ringhand, Kessler, Bies, Vruwink, Marklein, Stone, Hintz, Brooks, Murphy, Petersen, Murtha, Berceau, Schraa, Kooyenga, Hutton, Kapenga, Tittl, Jorgensen and Knodl.
hist9583To committee on Rules.
Senate Joint Resolution 50
Relating to: proclaiming October 9, 2013, as PANDAS, PITAND, and PANS Awareness Day.
By Senators Lazich, Lassa, L. Taylor, Shilling and Vinehout; cosponsored by Representatives Stone, Bernier and Kolste.
hist9582To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 40
Relating to: searches by a law enforcement officer of a person on probation, parole, or extended supervision.
By Senators Leibham and Petrowski; cosponsored by Representatives Endsley, Jacque, Knodl, Stone, Born, Stroebel, LeMahieu, A. Ott, Brooks, Tittl, Marklein and Spiros.
hist9581To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 110
Relating to: motor vehicle registration by the Department of Transportation, historic military vehicles, and Kei class vehicles.
By Senators Grothman, Erpenbach, Petrowski, Tiffany, Gudex, Schultz, Moulton, Lehman and Wirch; cosponsored by Representatives Kestell, Schraa, Jacque, Weatherston, Brooks, Thiesfeldt, Strachota, Krug, Czaja, Honadel, Mursau, Murtha, LeMahieu, Bewley, Murphy, Kahl, Stroebel, Swearingen and Ohnstad.
hist9580To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 150
Relating to: local ordinances regarding possession of marijuana or a synthetic cannabinoid.
By Senators Gudex and Leibham; cosponsored by Representatives Thiesfeldt, Nass, Jacque, T. Larson and Honadel.
hist9579To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 179
Relating to: miscellaneous provisions related to rental and vehicle towing practices and eviction proceedings, prohibitions on enacting ordinances that place certain limitations or requirements on landlords, providing an exemption from emergency rule procedures, granting rule-making authority.
By Senators Lasee and Schultz; cosponsored by Representatives Stroebel, Pridemore, Jacque, Kerkman and Bies.
hist9578To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 224
Relating to: the state civil service.
By joint committee on Employment Relations
hist9577To committee on Rules.
Assembly Bill 194
Relating to: the authority to hunt certain animals with a crossbow, establishing open seasons for hunting with a crossbow, and information required to be included on certain hunting license applications and certain hunting tags.
By Representatives Czaja, Danou, A. Ott, August, Ballweg, Bewley, Born, Brooks, Endsley, Hesselbein, Jacque, Jagler, Kleefisch, Kuglitsch, T. Larson, Milroy, Murphy, Mursau, Murtha, Petryk, Smith, Spiros, Strachota, Swearingen, Tittl, Tranel, Vruwink and Wright; cosponsored by Senators Farrow, L. Taylor, Lassa, Petrowski, Schultz, Tiffany and Lehman.
hist9576To committee on Rules.
Speaker’s Communications
September 18, 2013
Representative Rob Swearingen
Room 19 North
P.O. Box 8953
Madison, WI 53708
Representative Fred Clark
Room 122 North
P.O. Box 8952
Madison, WI 53708
Dear Representatives Swearingen and Clark:
  I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for your help and cooperation in serving as chair and vice-chair of the newly-formed Speaker’s Task Force on Rural Schools. I am confident that with your combined knowledge and expertise that the task force will be successful in finding innovative solutions to the issues that are facing Wisconsin’s rural schools.
  The Speaker’s Task Force on Rural Schools will be responsible for studying the following areas:
Creating partnerships among school districts
Exploring new avenues to share innovations, efficiencies and best-practices
Addressing future transportations needs
Mapping out strategies for long-term financial stability
Developing tactics for handling declining enrollment
Maximizing opportunities to incorporate advanced technology
  While the problems facing Wisconsin’s rural schools are complex, I would like the task force to report its findings and recommendations by early next year. Again, thank you for serving the citizens of Wisconsin in this important capacity.
Robin J. Vos
Assembly Speaker
September 19, 2013
Patrick E. Fuller
Assembly Chief Clerk
17 West Main Street, Suite 401
Madison, WI 53703
Dear Chief Clerk Fuller:
hist9601Please add my name as a co-sponsor of Senate Joint Resolution 49, relating to the Wisconsin Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission.
State Representative
65th Assembly District
September 19, 2013
Patrick E. Fuller
Assembly Chief Clerk
17 West Main Street, Suite 401
Madison, WI 53703
Dear Chief Clerk Fuller:
hist9603Please add my name as a co-author of Assembly Resolution 15, relating to the public service of Timothy F. Cullen.
State Representative
64th Assembly District