hist14070Senate Bill 384
Action on the Senate Message
Senate Joint Resolution 57
Relating to: election of chief justice (first consideration).
By Senators Tiffany, Darling, Farrow, Lasee, Moulton, Olsen and Vukmir; cosponsored by Representatives Hutton, August, Krug, Bies, Brooks, Craig, Czaja, Jacque, Kerkman, Kestell, Knodl, LeMahieu, Nass, A. Ott, Pridemore, Sanfelippo, Schraa, Strachota and Tittl.
hist13832To committee on Rules.
Senate Joint Resolution 59
Relating to: early childhood brain development.
By Senators Lassa, Olsen, Harris, Darling, Lehman, L. Taylor, Risser and C. Larson; cosponsored by Representatives Ballweg, Pasch, Kestell, Sargent, Mason, Johnson, Barnes, Wright, Ohnstad, Goyke, Wachs, Spiros, Krug and Hulsey.
hist14073To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 51
Relating to: the number of mathematics and science credits required for a high school diploma.
By Joint Legislative Council
hist13839To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 290
Relating to: mortgage satisfaction and an exception to the real estate transfer fee.
By Senators Harsdorf and Shilling; cosponsored by Representatives Stroebel, Bernier, Nygren, A. Ott, Kooyenga, Doyle, Jacque and Thiesfeldt.
hist13700To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 346
Relating to: vapor recovery system removal grants.
By Senators Lazich, Grothman, Gudex and Olsen; cosponsored by Representatives LeMahieu, Nygren, Kooyenga, Strachota, Endsley, Pridemore, Tauchen and Bies.
hist13692To committee on Rules.
Senate Bill 384
Relating to: the laws of trusts, the Uniform Trust Code, the Uniform Principal and Income Act, powers of appointment, and changes to estate recovery and divestment provisions relating to public assistance programs.
By Senators Farrow and Risser; cosponsored by Representative Sanfelippo.
hist14071To committee on Rules.
Reference Bureau Corrections
hist13620.Assembly substitute amendment 2 to Assembly Bill 489
1. Page 2, line 14: delete “subd. 1. c.” and substitute “subd. 1. d..
Speaker's Communications
November 12, 2013
Representative Howard Marklein
Room 214 North, State Capitol
Madison, WI 53708
Dear Representative Marklein:
hist14090Pursuant to Assembly Rule 42 (3)(c), with your permission as Chair of the Ways and Means committee, I will remove Assembly Bill 108 from the committee and refer the bill to the Small Business Development committee.
Please contact my office with any questions.
Assembly Speaker
Calendar of Tuesday,
November 12
Assembly Joint Resolution 72
Relating to: proclaiming November as Runaway Prevention Month.
hist13742Representative Hebl asked unanimous consent that all members of the Assembly be made coauthors of Assembly Joint Resolution 72. Granted.
hist13743The question was: Shall Assembly Joint Resolution 72 be adopted?
Motion carried.
hist13744Representative Kramer asked unanimous consent that the rules be suspended and that Assembly Joint Resolution 72 be immediately messaged to the Senate. Granted.
Senate Joint Resolution 45
Relating to: designating the Honor and Remember Flag as Wisconsin's emblem of service and sacrifice by those in the United States Armed Forces who have given their lives in the line of duty.
hist13745The question was: Shall Senate Joint Resolution 45 be concurred in?
Motion carried.
hist13772Representative Wright asked unanimous consent to be added as a cosponsor of Senate Joint Resolution 45. Granted.
hist13747Representative Kramer asked unanimous consent that the rules be suspended and that Senate Joint Resolution 45 be immediately messaged to the Senate. Granted.
Speaker Pro Tempore August in the Chair.
hist13860Assembly Bill 412
Relating to: exemption of outside salespersons from the minimum wage law.
hist13861The question was: Shall Assembly Bill 412 be ordered engrossed and read a third time?
Motion carried.
hist13862Representative Kramer asked unanimous consent that the rules be suspended and that Assembly Bill 412 be given a third reading. Granted.
hist13864The question was: Assembly Bill 412 having been read three times, shall the bill be passed?
The roll was taken.
The result follows:
Ayes - Representatives August, Ballweg, Bernier, Bies, Born, Brooks, Craig, Czaja, Endsley, Hutton, Jacque, Jagler, Kapenga, Kaufert, Kerkman, Kestell, Kleefisch, Klenke, Knodl, Knudson, Kooyenga, Kramer, Krug, T. Larson, LeMahieu, Loudenbeck, Marklein, Murphy, Mursau, Nass, Nerison, Neylon, Nygren, A. Ott, J. Ott, Petersen, Petryk, Pridemore, Ripp, Sanfelippo, Schraa, Severson, Smith, Spiros, Steineke, Strachota, Stroebel, Swearingen, Tauchen, Thiesfeldt, Tittl, Tranel, Weatherston, Weininger, Williams and Speaker Vos - 56.
Noes - Representatives Barca, Barnes, Berceau, Bernard Schaber, Bewley, Billings, Clark, Danou, Doyle, Genrich, Goyke, Hebl, Hesselbein, Hintz, Hulsey, Johnson, Jorgensen, Kahl, Kessler, Kolste, Mason, Milroy, Ohnstad, Pasch, Pope, Richards, Riemer, Ringhand, Sargent, Shankland, Sinicki, C. Taylor, Vruwink, Wachs, Wright, Young, Zamarripa and Zepnick - 38.
Absent or not voting - Representatives Kuglitsch and Murtha - 2.
Motion carried.
hist13865Representative Kramer asked unanimous consent that the rules be suspended and that Assembly Bill 412 be immediately messaged to the Senate. Granted.
Message from the Senate
From: Jeffrey Renk, Senate Chief Clerk.
Mr. Speaker:
I am directed to inform you that the Senate has
Passed and asks concurrence in:
hist13871Senate Bill 183
Action on the Senate Message
hist13894Representative Kramer asked unanimous consent that the rules be suspended and that Senate Bill 183 be withdrawn from the Senate Message and placed on today's calendar after Assembly Bill 460. Granted.
hist13902Representative Kramer asked unanimous consent that the rules be suspended and that Senate Bill 208 be withdrawn from today’s calendar and taken up at this time. Granted.
hist13903Senate Bill 208
Relating to: experience requirements for real estate brokers and granting rule-making authority.
hist13904The question was: Shall Assembly Substitute Amendment 1 to Senate Bill 208 be adopted?
Motion carried.
hist13905The question was: Shall Senate Bill 208 be ordered to a third reading?
Motion carried.