Read first time and referred:
hist22994Assembly Joint Resolution 111
Relating to: the rights of pregnant women.
By Representatives C. Taylor, Berceau, Johnson, Pope, Ringhand, Sargent, Sinicki and Zamarripa; cosponsored by Senators Shilling, Erpenbach, Harris, Risser and L. Taylor.
hist24306To committee on Rules.
hist23202Assembly Joint Resolution 112
Relating to: the life and public service of Mary Lou (Rogers) Munts.
By Representatives Berceau, C. Taylor, Hulsey, Young, Hesselbein, Milroy, Sinicki, Richards, Pasch, Sargent, Shankland, Bernard Schaber, Ballweg, Pope, Wachs, Zamarripa and Ringhand; cosponsored by Senators Risser, Vinehout, Miller, Carpenter, Erpenbach, Schultz, Lehman, Cowles and Lassa.
hist24307To committee on Rules.
hist23556Assembly Bill 854
Relating to: the duty disability benefit program under the Wisconsin Retirement System, prohibited subjects of collective bargaining under the Municipal Employment Relations Act and the State Employment Labor Relations Act, and requiring the Legislative Audit Bureau to conduct a program evaluation audit of certain disability and survivor benefit programs of public employee retirement systems in this state.
By Representatives Schraa and Stroebel; cosponsored by Senators Grothman and Carpenter.
hist24308To committee on Labor.
hist23573Assembly Bill 855
Relating to: authorized activities of Class A beer retailers and of brewers.
By Representatives Ballweg, Brooks, A. Ott, Ringhand, Rodriguez, Shankland, Spiros, C. Taylor and Wright; cosponsored by Senators Grothman and Olsen.
hist24309To committee on State Affairs and Government Operations.
hist23811Assembly Bill 856
Relating to: creating a Wisconsin Beer Commission and making an appropriation.
By Representatives Tauchen, Skowronski, Bies, Czaja, Hulsey, Ohnstad, Krug and Shankland; cosponsored by Senators Farrow and Jauch.
hist24310To committee on State Affairs and Government Operations.
hist23812Assembly Bill 857
Relating to: online instruction provided by driver schools licensed by the Department of Transportation.
By Representatives Weininger, Ballweg and A. Ott; cosponsored by Senators Olsen and Lehman.
hist24311To committee on Transportation.
hist23879Assembly Bill 858
Relating to: prohibiting certain actions against financial institutions for offers, promises, agreements, or commitments that are not in writing.
By Representatives Craig, Sanfelippo and Murphy.
hist24312To committee on Financial Institutions.
hist24137Assembly Bill 859
Relating to: replacement and maintenance of existing culverts and design and engineering work for the construction and placement of certain culverts.
By Representatives Jacque, A. Ott, Bernier, Tittl, Spiros, Sanfelippo, Thiesfeldt, Kulp, Czaja, Skowronski, Brooks, Swearingen, Krug, Schraa and Williams; cosponsored by Senators Lasee, Tiffany, Grothman and Schultz.
hist24313To committee on Environment and Forestry.
Committee Reports
The committee on Judiciary reports and recommends:
Assembly Bill 708
Relating to: the disclosure of juvenile court records to, and admission to juvenile court hearings of, an entity engaged in the bona fide research, monitoring, or evaluation of activities conducted under a federal court improvement grant.
Ayes: 9 - Representatives J. Ott, Jacque, Kerkman, T. Larson, Craig, Kulp, Hebl, Wachs and Goyke.
Noes: 0.
hist24318To committee on Rules.
Assembly Bill 759
Relating to: accessing and obtaining patient health records by public defenders.
Ayes: 9 - Representatives J. Ott, Jacque, Kerkman, T. Larson, Craig, Kulp, Hebl, Wachs and Goyke.
Noes: 0.
hist24320To committee on Rules.
Assembly Bill 780
Relating to: eliminating voluntary intoxication as a defense to criminal liability.
Ayes: 9 - Representatives J. Ott, Jacque, Kerkman, T. Larson, Craig, Kulp, Hebl, Wachs and Goyke.
Noes: 0.
hist24322To committee on Rules.
Committee on Judiciary
Chief Clerk Reports
The Chief Clerk records:
hist24265Assembly Bill 277
Presented to the Governor on Monday, March 10.
Assembly Chief Clerk
March 10, 2014
Patrick Fuller
Assembly Chief Clerk
17 West Main Street, Suite 401
Madison, WI 53703
Dear Chief Clerk Fuller:
On February 20th, 2014 the Assembly voted on Assembly Bill 258. On the vote for concurrence with Senate Amendment 1, I voted no when I meant to vote aye. Can you please record my vote in the official record as voting aye on that concurrence vote? Thank you.
  Steve Doyle
  State Representative
  94th Assembly District