hist27067To committee on Judiciary.
hist26404Assembly Bill 881
Relating to: appealing a municipal court matter after review by a circuit court.
By Representative J. Ott; cosponsored by Senator Grothman.
hist27068To committee on Judiciary.
hist26405Assembly Bill 882
Relating to: intimidating a witness.
By Representative J. Ott; cosponsored by Senator Grothman.
hist27069To committee on Judiciary.
hist26406Assembly Bill 883
Relating to: lesser included homicide crimes.
By Representative J. Ott; cosponsored by Senator Grothman.
hist27070To committee on Judiciary.
Enrolled Bills and Joint Resolutions
The following Assembly proposals, which have been approved by both the Assembly and Senate, have been enrolled by the Legislative Reference Bureau:
hist26988Assembly Bill 176
hist26989Assembly Bill 274
hist26990Assembly Bill 485
hist26992Assembly Bill 620
hist26993Assembly Bill 668
hist26994Assembly Bill 676
hist26995Assembly Bill 714
hist26996Assembly Bill 715
hist26997Assembly Bill 716
hist26998Assembly Bill 723
hist26999Assembly Bill 744
hist27000Assembly Bill 745
hist27001Assembly Joint Resolution 84
hist27002Assembly Joint Resolution 89
hist27003Assembly Joint Resolution 90
hist27004Assembly Joint Resolution 92
hist27005Assembly Joint Resolution 97
hist27006Assembly Joint Resolution 98
hist27007Assembly Joint Resolution 99
Assembly Chief Clerk
Reference Bureau Corrections
hist26991Assembly Bill 620
In enrolling, the following correction was made:
1. Page 8, line 25: after “(b)” insert “(title)”.