Relating to: eligibility for certain low-income energy assistance.
By Representatives Shankland, Goyke, Barnes, Pasch, Johnson, Hesselbein, Milroy, Kahl, Wachs, Young, Hebl, C. Taylor, Ohnstad, Genrich, Riemer, Wright and Berceau; cosponsored by Senators Harris, Risser and Lassa.
hist27627To committee on Energy and Utilities.
Enrolled Bills
The following Assembly proposals, which have been approved by both the Assembly and Senate, have been enrolled by the Legislative Reference Bureau:
hist27611Assembly Bill 33
hist27612Assembly Bill 180
hist27613Assembly Bill 244
hist27614Assembly Bill 270
hist27615Assembly Bill 441
hist27616Assembly Bill 464
hist27617Assembly Bill 707
hist27618Assembly Bill 743
Assembly Chief Clerk
Reference Bureau Corrections
hist27610Assembly Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 441
In enrolling, the following correction was made:
1. Page 1, line 2: delete “19” and substitute “18”.
****Note: Corrects line number.
hist27609Assembly Amendment 1 to Assembly Substitute Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 464
In enrolling, the following correction was made:
1. Page 4, line 15: delete “petition” and substitute “petition.”.