Senate Journal
One-Hundred and First Regular Session
TUESDAY, March 12, 2013
The Chief Clerk makes the following entries under the above date.
Bills Presented to the Governor
The Chief Clerk records:
hist2951Senate Bill 2
hist2952Senate Bill 8
hist2953Senate Bill 10
hist2954Senate Bill 27
Presented to the Governor on 3-12-2013.
Petitions and Communications
hist2938Pursuant to Senate Rule 17 (5), Senator Grothman added as a co-author of Senate Bill 67.
State of Wisconsin
Office of the Governor
March 12, 2013
The Honorable, the Senate:
The following bill(s), originating in the Senate, have been approved, signed and deposited in the office of the Secretary of State:
Bill Number   Act Number   Date Approved
hist2937Senate Bill 1   1 March 11, 2013
State of Wisconsin
Government Accountability Board
February 26, 2013
The Honorable, the Senate:
The following lobbyists have been authorized to act on behalf of the organizations set opposite their names.
For more detailed information about these lobbyists and organizations and a complete list of organizations and people authorized to lobby the 2013 Regular Session of the legislature, visit the Government Accountability Board’s web site at:
Alberts, John   Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians
Brooks, Bryan   Marcia Brenner Associates
Brooks. Bryan   OASYS LLC
Brooks, Bryan   Wisconsin Council for Independent Education
Carey, Ray   ProAssurance
Carlson, Michael   Gathering Waters Conservancy, Inc.
Childress, Jason   ProAssurance
Driessen, Anthony   Battery Council International
Erikson, Michele   Wisconsin Lottery Inc.
Fitzgerald, Jeff   Marcia Brenner Associates
Fitzgerald, Jeff   OASYS LLC
Fitzgerald, Jeff   Wisconsin Council for Independent Education
Hogan, Rebecca   Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC, and Affiliates
Hogan, Rebecca   Managed Health Services Insurance Corporation
Jensen, Eric   Preferred Physicians Medical Risk Retention Group, Inc.
Kent, Paul   Wisconsin Builders Association
McClenahan, William   Clean Wisconsin Action Fund
McClenahan, William   Clean Wisconsin Inc.
Mullen, William   Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Neumann-Ortiz, Christine   Voces de la Frontera Action, Inc.
Reihl, Mark   Wisconsin State Council of Carpenters
Rezin, Katie   ProAssurance
Schoepke, Jeffrey   Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC, and Affiliates
Shepherd, Jeremey   Clean Wisconsin Action Fund
Shepherd, Jeremey   Clean Wisconsin Inc.
Also available from the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board are reports identifying the amount and value of time state agencies have spent to affect legislative action and reports of expenditures for lobbying activities filed by organizations that employ lobbyists.
Director and General Counsel
Referrals and Receipt of Committee Reports Concerning Proposed Administrative Rules
The committee on Natural Resources reports and recommends:
Relating to the bobcat hunting and trapping season.