Department of Natural Resources
State Implementation Plan for the Milwaukee-Racine Nonattainment Area
Pursuant to 285.14 (2), Wis. Stats.
Received in May 29, 2013.
Referred to committee on Natural Resources.
Department of Administration
Temporary Reallocation of Balances
Pursuant to 20.002 (11)(f)
Received on May 31, 2013.
Referred to joint committee on Finance.
Messages from the Assembly
By Patrick E. Fuller, chief clerk.
Mr. President:
I am directed to inform you that the Assembly has adopted and asks concurrence in:
hist6836Assembly Joint Resolution 38
Passed and asks concurrence in:
hist6829Assembly Bill 8
hist6830Assembly Bill 161
hist6831Assembly Bill 181
hist6832Assembly Bill 183
hist6834Assembly Bill 194
hist6833Assembly Bill 201
hist6835Assembly Bill 214
Concurred in:
hist6825Senate Bill 96
hist6824Senate Bill 117
hist6826Senate Bill 120
hist6827Senate Bill 135
hist6828Senate Bill 151
Messages from the Assembly Considered
Assembly Joint Resolution 38
Relating to: proclaiming Gastroschisis Awareness Day.
By Representatives Czaja, Berceau, Brooks, Jacque, Jorgensen, Kleefisch, T. Larson, Murtha, Ohnstad, A. Ott, Ringhand, Ripp, Schraa, Sinicki, Thiesfeldt and Wright; cosponsored by Senators Tiffany, Cowles, Lassa and L. Taylor
hist6838Read and referred to committee on Senate Organization
Assembly Bill 214
Relating to: ex parte communications in contested cases before the Public Service Commission.
By Representative Honadel; cosponsored by Senator Farrow.
hist6843Read first time and referred to committee on Senate Organization