Senate Bill 252
Relating to: authorizing a city or village to require the Department of Revenue to redetermine the value of the tax incremental base of certain tax incremental districts.
Ayes: 5 - Senators Tiffany, Darling, Grothman, Jauch and Lehman.
Noes: 0.
Senate Bill 253
Relating to: deadlines for claiming lottery prizes, motor vehicle fuel bulk plants, repealing the woodland tax, property tax publications, the manufacturing and agriculture tax credit, manufacturing property tax assessment objections, and reporting capital stock transfers.
Ayes: 5 - Senators Tiffany, Darling, Grothman, Jauch and Lehman.
Noes: 0.
Committee on Workforce Development, Forestry, Mining, and Revenue
Petitions and Communications
hist9707Pursuant to Senate Rule 17 (5), Representative Tittl added as a co-author of Assembly Bill 119.
Legislative Reference Bureau Corrections
Corrections In:
2013 SENATE BILL 306
Prepared by the Legislative Reference Bureau
(September 25, 2013)
hist97241. Page 2, line 11: substitute “(e)” for “(d)”.
State of Wisconsin
Office of the Senate President
September 25, 2013
The Honorable, the Senate:
Pursuant to Senate Rule 46 (2)(c), I am writing to inform you that I have directed the following proposal to be withdrawn from committee and rereferred. I have obtained the consent of the appropriate standing committee chairperson and the chairperson of the committee on Senate Organization.
hist9725Senate Bill 249, relating to: an expenditure of $90,000 from the general fund for payment of a claim against the state made by Robert Lee Stinson., withdrawn from Joint Committee on Finance and rereferred to Committee on Judiciary and Labor.
Senate President