Senate Journal
One-Hundred and First Regular Session
THURSDAY, November 21, 2013
The Chief Clerk makes the following entries under the above date.
Introduction, First Reading, and Reference of Proposals
Read first time and referred:
hist14482Senate Bill 406
Relating to: changing the names, Wisconsin higher education grants, and tuition grants, to Wisconsin grants.
By Senators Risser, Olsen and Lassa; cosponsored by Representatives Ballweg, Bies, Kahl, Ripp and Thiesfeldt.
hist14638To committee on Universities and Technical Colleges.
hist14483Senate Bill 407
Relating to: exempting certain one- and two-family dwellings from the requirements of having smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors and from standards and rules relating to plumbing.
By Senators Moulton, Grothman and Vinehout; cosponsored by Representatives Bernier, Czaja, Jacque, Petersen, T. Larson, Craig, Thiesfeldt, Severson and Loudenbeck.
hist14639To committee on Insurance and Housing.
hist14508Senate Bill 408
Relating to: school district bonds, promissory notes, and state trust fund loans.
By Senators Lasee and Lazich; cosponsored by Representatives Strachota, Stroebel, Nygren, Murphy, Kooyenga, Marklein, Nass, Pridemore, Bies, Kestell, Craig and Thiesfeldt.
hist14640To committee on Education.
hist14509Senate Bill 409
Relating to: individual placement and support program for employment of individuals experiencing mental illness and making an appropriation.
By Senators Petrowski, Moulton, Schultz, L. Taylor, Harris, Lassa, Wirch and Lehman; cosponsored by Representatives Sanfelippo, Tranel, Pasch, Severson, Jagler, Tittl, Murphy, Spiros, Steineke, Bies, Petryk, Czaja, Ballweg, Brooks, Bernier, A. Ott, Wachs, Bernard Schaber, Danou, Hulsey and Jorgensen.
hist14641To committee on Health and Human Services.
hist14510Senate Bill 410
Relating to: mental health benefits and reimbursement for mental health services under the Medical Assistance program.
By Senators Petrowski, Schultz and L. Taylor; cosponsored by Representatives Sanfelippo, Bernier, Severson, Jagler, Tittl, Murphy, Kestell, Steineke, Bies, Strachota, Petryk, Czaja, Ballweg, Kaufert, Brooks, A. Ott, Bernard Schaber, Danou and Hulsey.
hist14642To committee on Health and Human Services.
Petitions and Communications
Legislative Reference Bureau Corrections
Corrections In:
2013 SENATE BILL 245
Prepared by the Legislative Reference Bureau
(November 21, 2013)
hist146041. Page 16, line 5: delete “person violated sub. (2) by trading traded” and substitute “person traded violated sub. (2) by trading”.
****NOTE: The word “traded” is replaced by the underscored “trading” and should have been stricken.
State of Wisconsin
Government Accountability Board
November 20, 2013
The Honorable, the Senate:
The following lobbyists have been authorized to act on behalf of the organizations set opposite their names.
For more detailed information about these lobbyists and organizations and a complete list of organizations and people authorized to lobby the 2013 Regular Session of the legislature, visit the Government Accountability Board’s website at:
Buchen, James   Association of Equipment Manufacturers
Buchen, James   Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association
Early-Reinhard, Annie   Walter Kiddie Portable Equipment
Fonfara, Thomas   Microsoft Corporation
Kellerman, Robert   Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources
Seitz, Robert   Microsoft Corporation
Walsh, Kenneth   Walter Kiddie Portable Equipment
Zander, Janet   Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources
Also available from the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board are reports identifying the amount and value of time state agencies have spent to affect legislative action and reports of expenditures for lobbying activities filed by organizations that employ lobbyists.
Director and General Counsel
Messages from the Assembly Considered
Assembly Joint Resolution 66
Relating to: the life and service of former Lawrence University president Richard Warch.
By Representatives Bernard Schaber, Richards, Berceau, Bewley, Bies, Jorgensen, Kahl, Kaufert, Murphy, Murtha, Ohnstad, A. Ott and Wright; cosponsored by Senators Ellis, T. Cullen, Lassa, Lehman and Miller.
hist14616Read and referred to committee on Senate Organization
Assembly Joint Resolution 71
Relating to: Wisconsin Adoption Month.
By Representatives Kolste, Bewley, Hebl, Barnes, Pasch, Danou, Johnson, Mason, Spiros, Jorgensen, Tittl, Murphy, Doyle, Goyke, Stroebel, Genrich, Sargent, Bernard Schaber, Jacque, Berceau, Shankland, Thiesfeldt, Wright, Clark, Kooyenga, Vruwink, Pope, Ohnstad, Zamarripa, Ringhand, A. Ott and Hintz; cosponsored by Senators T. Cullen, Carpenter, Risser, L. Taylor, Lehman, Schultz, Harris and Lassa.
hist14618Read and referred to committee on Senate Organization
Assembly Joint Resolution 25
Relating to: recall of elective officers and a code of ethics for government officials (first consideration).
By Representatives Steineke, Ballweg, Born, Brooks, Craig, Czaja, Endsley, Honadel, Jacque, Jagler, Kapenga, Kaufert, Kleefisch, Knodl, T. Larson, Marklein, A. Ott, Petersen, Petryk, Sanfelippo, Severson, Spiros, Strachota, Tittl and Weatherston; cosponsored by Senators Harsdorf, Olsen, Schultz and Tiffany.
hist14620Read first time and referred to committee on Energy, Consumer Protection, and Government Reform
Assembly Bill 54
Relating to: limiting the times for voting by absentee ballots in person.
By Representatives Stroebel, Bies, Strachota, Craig, Ripp, LeMahieu, Spiros, Kleefisch, Sanfelippo, T. Larson, Weatherston, Nass and A. Ott.
hist14621Read first time and referred to committee on Elections and Urban Affairs
Assembly Bill 91