Senate Journal
One-Hundred and First Regular Session
TUESDAY, April 22, 2014
The Chief Clerk makes the following entries under the above date.
Chief Clerk's Entries
Bills Presented to the Governor
The Chief Clerk records:
hist30377Senate Bill 63
hist30387Senate Bill 75
hist30389Senate Bill 212
hist30393Senate Bill 269
hist30394Senate Bill 270
hist30386Senate Bill 311
hist30383Senate Bill 325
hist30392Senate Bill 341
hist30390Senate Bill 387
hist30388Senate Bill 395
hist30384Senate Bill 437
hist30378Senate Bill 451
hist30385Senate Bill 482
hist30379Senate Bill 498
hist30376Senate Bill 504
hist30513Senate Bill 509
hist30382Senate Bill 518
hist30391Senate Bill 534
hist30375Senate Bill 540
hist30396Senate Bill 547
hist30380Senate Bill 599
hist30395Senate Bill 648
hist30381Senate Bill 668
Presented to the Governor on 4-22-2014.
Petitions And Communications
State of Wisconsin
Government Accountability Board
April 22, 2014
The Honorable, the Senate:
The following lobbyists have been authorized to act on behalf of the organizations set opposite their names.
For more detailed information about these lobbyists and organizations and a complete list of organizations and people authorized to lobby the 2013 Regular Session of the legislature, visit the Government Accountability Board’s website at:
Epps-Addison, Jennifer     Wisconsin Jobs Now
Rickman, Peter     Wisconsin Jobs Now
Also available from the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board are reports identifying the amount and value of time state agencies have spent to affect legislative action and reports of expenditures for lobbying activities filed by organizations that employ lobbyists.
Director and General Counsel
Referrals and Receipt of Committee Reports Concerning Proposed Administrative Rules
The committee on Education reports and recommends:
Relating to high school equivalency diplomas and certificates of general educational development.
hist30417No action taken on April 22, 2014.
hist30418Referred to joint committee for review of Administrative Rules, April 22, 2014.
Relating to the children at risk plan and program.
hist30419No action taken on April 22, 2014.
hist30420Referred to joint committee for review of Administrative Rules, April 22, 2014.
Relating to the School Breakfast Program.
hist30421No action taken on April 22, 2014.
hist30422Referred to joint committee for review of Administrative Rules, April 22, 2014.
Advice and Consent of the Senate
State of Wisconsin
Office of the Governor
April 22, 2014
The Honorable, the Senate:
I am pleased to nominate and with the advice and consent of the Senate, do appoint SUSAN SIPPEL, of Manitowoc, as a Domestic Abuse Knowledge 4 on the Council on Domestic Abuse, to serve for the term ending July 1, 2017.
Respectfully Submitted,
hist30397Read and referred to committee on Health and Human Services.
State of Wisconsin