2013 - 2014 LEGISLATURE
November 7, 2013 - Introduced by Representatives Sargent, Czaja, Barnes,
Johnson, Genrich, Bernier, Hesselbein, Spiros, Marklein, Murphy, A. Ott,
Jorgensen, Berceau, Ballweg, Milroy, Zamarripa, Sinicki, Wachs, Hulsey,
Kolste, Hintz, Ohnstad and Vruwink, cosponsored by Senators Harris, L.
, Carpenter, Erpenbach and Lehman. Referred to Committee on Rules.
AJR72,1,1 1Relating to: proclaiming November as Runaway Prevention Month.
AJR72,1,42 Whereas, the prevalence of running away from home and homelessness among
3youth is a rapidly growing concern, with studies suggesting that between 1,600,000
4and 2,800,000 young people live on the streets of the United States each year; and
AJR72,1,75 Whereas, one in seven young people between the ages of 10 and 18 will run
6away, and juveniles between the ages of 12 and 17 are more at risk of homelessness
7than adults; and
AJR72,1,98 Whereas, 75 percent of homeless or runaway youth have dropped out or will
9drop out of school; and
AJR72,1,1510 Whereas, young people who run away from home most often have been expelled
11from their homes by their families due to problems in the home, including physical
12and sexual abuse, mental health disorders of a family member, substance abuse or
13addiction of a family member, and parental neglect; and in some cases, young people
14are asked to leave the home because their families are unable to provide for their
15specific mental health or disability needs; and
1Whereas, all across Wisconsin the problem of runaway and homeless youth is
2being brought to the public's attention through the partnerships created among
3families, community-based human service agencies, law enforcement agencies,
4schools, faith-based organizations, and businesses; and
AJR72,2,75 Whereas, members of the Wisconsin Association for Homeless and Runaway
6Services provided help to 2,163 runaways in face-to-face meetings, made over
760,000 contacts, and provided shelter to 924 runaways in 2012; and
AJR72,2,98 Whereas, state legislators from both parties came together on March 12, 2013,
9to hold a symposium to address this growing problem in our state; and
AJR72,2,1210 Whereas, we must continue working together to identify resources to help
11homeless and runaway youth develop the skills necessary to succeed; now, therefore,
12be it
AJR72,2,14 13Resolved by the assembly, the senate concurring, That the Wisconsin
14legislature hereby proclaims November as Runaway Prevention Month.
AJR72,2,1515 (End)