2013 - 2014 LEGISLATURE
January 22, 2013 - Introduced by Senators Taylor, T. Cullen, Risser, Carpenter,
Lehman and Harris, cosponsored by Representatives Bies, Kahl, Hebl,
Johnson, Pasch, Barnes, Kessler, Goyke, Berceau, C. Taylor, Bernard
and Hintz. Referred to Committee on Government Operations,
Public Works, and Telecommunications.
SJR5,1,2 1To repeal joint rule 41 (2) (b); and to renumber joint rule 41 (2) (a); relating to:
2fiscal estimate requirements for bills containing penalty provisions.
Analysis by the Legislative Reference Bureau
Current joint rules provide that bills containing penalty provisions are exempt
from any fiscal estimate requirements unless the bills contains provisions other than
penalty provisions that would make them subject to fiscal estimate requirements.
This joint resolution eliminates that provision.
SJR5,1,3 3Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, That:
SJR5,1 4Section 1. Joint rule 41 (2) (a) is renumbered joint rule 41 (2).
SJR5,2 5Section 2. Joint rule 41 (2) (b) is repealed.
SJR5,1,66 (End)