2013 - 2014 LEGISLATURE
February 18, 2014 - Introduced by Senators Olsen, Carpenter, Cowles, T. Cullen,
Lassa, Miller and Schultz, cosponsored by Representatives Ripp, Bies, Krug,
Marklein, Milroy, Murphy, A. Ott, Petryk, Pridemore, Williams and
Wright. Referred to Committee on Senate Organization.
SJR75,1,1 1Relating to: the life and the military and public service of Gerald L. Trumm.
SJR75,1,32 Whereas, Gerald L. "Jerry" Trumm was born May 7, 1947, in Boscobel,
3Wisconsin, and died November 1, 2013; and
SJR75,1,64 Whereas, Jerry earned his bachelor's degree in biology in 1969 at the
5University of Wisconsin-Platteville, while working at the Nelson Dewey State Park
6in Cassville; and
SJR75,1,97 Whereas, upon graduation, Jerry began his career with the Wisconsin
8Department of Natural Resources by accepting a full-time fisheries position as a
9conservation aide at the Wild Rose Fish Habitat Station in Wild Rose; and
SJR75,1,1310 Whereas, on December 5, 1969, Jerry was inducted into the United States Army
11as a member of Echo Recon 1/5 First Air Cavalry in Vietnam and acquired the
12nickname "Degree" from his fellow comrades because he was the only one in his unit
13with a college degree; and
SJR75,2,214 Whereas, during the invasion of Cambodia in June 1970, Jerry sustained
15numerous injuries on the field of battle, which compelled him to convalesce in various

1military hospitals around the world for nearly a year in order to obtain treatment for
2his combat wounds and malaria; and
SJR75,2,53 Whereas, before receiving a medical discharge on June 8, 1971, Jerry was
4awarded the Purple Heart, Bronze Star, and Army Commendation Medals for his
5brave and noble service to our great country; and
SJR75,2,76 Whereas, after his return from military service, Jerry resumed his work at the
7Wild Rose Fish Habitat Station in August 1971; and
SJR75,2,138 Whereas, Jerry transferred to the State Parks system in 1972 and began
9serving, for nearly four decades of his life, as the manager of Cadiz Springs State
10Park in Browntown, the assistant manager at Interstate State Park in St. Croix
11Falls, the assistant superintendent at Kettle Moraine State Forest Park in Eagle,
12and as the superintendent and special conservation warden of Mirror Lake and
13Rocky Arbor State Parks near the Wisconsin Dells; and
SJR75,2,1914 Whereas, while at Mirror Lake and Rocky Arbor State Parks in 1987, Jerry
15crafted the first candlelight ski event for the Wisconsin State Parks system, which
16continues to be a popular winter attraction every year throughout the state, and
17played a fundamental role in the restoration of the Seth Peterson Cottage, in several
18major land acquisitions, including the Ishnala property, and in the completion of the
19Mirror Lake-Dell Creek Master Plan; and
SJR75,2,2420 Whereas, for his determination and commitment to developing a strong
21working relationship with the Seth Peterson Conservancy and the Ho-Chunk
22Nation and for his quick response and leadership to the major storm that struck
23Mirror Lake State Park, Jerry was presented with the Property of the Year Award
24in 1998; and
1Whereas, Jerry retired from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
2on July 10, 2004, following 37 years of dedicated service to the citizens of Wisconsin;
SJR75,3,84 Whereas, Jerry remained involved in the community by donating his time to
5the Lake Delton Volunteer Fire Department and serving as an emergency medical
6service technician from 1980 through 1991, retiring as the assistant chief, and along
7with this, he was an active member of the Poynette Curling Club and the Dekorra
8Lutheran Church; and
SJR75,3,139 Whereas, Jerry was husband to Donna for 45 years, and during this period, they
10raised three children, Ryan Trumm, Robin (Miloni) Trumm, and Laura (Jeffrey)
11Eckert, while instilling in them the values of being civically engaged and giving back
12to their communities in order to help their communities grow into stronger places to
13live and raise future generations of families; now, therefore, be it
SJR75,3,18 14Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, That the members of the
15Wisconsin legislature commend the life and the military and public service of Gerald
16L. "Jerry" Trumm, mourn his passing, extend their condolences to his family and
17friends, and forever remember his sacrifices to the United States of America and the
18state of Wisconsin.
SJR75,3,1919 (End)