Record of Committee Proceedings

Committee on Environment and Forestry

Clearinghouse Rule 12-023

Relating to environmental cleanups.

Submitted by Natural Resources

March 18, 2013           Referred to Committee on Environment and Forestry

April 30, 2013             Public Hearing Held

Present:       (5)        Representative Mursau; Representatives Stroebel, Danou, Milroy and Clark.

Absent:       (3)        Representatives Krug, Czaja and Loudenbeck.

Excused:     (0)        None.

Appearances For

·      None.

Appearances Against

·      None.

Appearances for Information Only

·      Mark Gordon - Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

Registrations For

·      None.

Registrations Against

·      None.

Registrations for Information Only

·      None.

May 20, 2013              no action taken


Tim Gary

Committee Clerk