2015 - 2016 LEGISLATURE
November 6, 2015 - Offered by Senators Miller, Vinehout, Harris Dodd, Bewley,
Ringhand, C. Larson, L. Taylor, Carpenter, Wirch, Hansen, Lassa, Shilling
and Risser.
AB387-SA2,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the engrossed bill as follows:
AB387-SA2,1,2 21. Page 14, line 9: after that line insert:
AB387-SA2,2,9 3"11.001 Declaration of policy. (1) The legislature finds and declares that our
4democratic system of government can be maintained only if the electorate is
5informed. It further finds that excessive spending on campaigns for public office
6jeopardizes the integrity of elections. It is desirable to encourage the broadest
7possible participation in financing campaigns by all citizens of the state, and to
8enable candidates to have an equal opportunity to present their programs to the
9voters. One of the most important sources of information to the voters is available
10through the campaign finance reporting system. Campaign reports provide
11information which aids the public in fully understanding the public positions taken
12by a candidate or political organization. When the true source of support or extent
13of support is not fully disclosed, or when a candidate becomes overly dependent upon

1large private contributors, the democratic process is subjected to a potential
2corrupting influence. The legislature therefore finds that the state has a compelling
3interest in designing a system for fully disclosing contributions and disbursements
4made on behalf of every candidate for public office, and in placing reasonable
5limitations on such activities. Such a system must make readily available to the
6voters complete information as to who is supporting or opposing which candidate or
7cause and to what extent, whether directly or indirectly. This chapter is intended to
8serve the public purpose of stimulating vigorous campaigns on a fair and equal basis
9and to provide for a better informed electorate.
AB387-SA2,2,13 10(2) This chapter is also intended to ensure fair and impartial elections by
11precluding officeholders from utilizing the perquisites of office at public expense in
12order to gain an advantage over nonincumbent candidates who have no perquisites
13available to them.
AB387-SA2,2,16 14(3) This chapter is declared to be enacted pursuant to the power of the state to
15protect the integrity of the elective process and to assure the maintenance of free