2015 - 2016 LEGISLATURE
September 15, 2015 - Offered by Senator Lasee.
SB149-SA1,1,11 At the locations indicated, amend the bill as follows:
SB149-SA1,1,5 21. Page 2, line 10: after "barred." insert "A cause of action involving
3underinsured motorist coverage, as defined in s. 632.32 (2) (d), or uninsured motorist
4coverage, as defined in s. 632.32 (2) (f), accrues on the date there is final resolution
5of the underlying cause of action by the injured party against the tortfeasor. ".
SB149-SA1,1,6 62. Page 2, line 11: delete lines 11 to 16 and substitute:
SB149-SA1,1,8 7" Section 3m. 893.52 of the statutes is renumbered 893.52 (1) and amended to
SB149-SA1,1,139 893.52 (1) An Except as provided in sub. (2) and in any other case where a
10different period is expressly prescribed, an
action, not arising on contract, to recover
11damages for an injury to real or personal property shall be commenced within 6 years
12after the cause of action accrues or be barred, except in the case where a different
13period is expressly prescribed
1Section 3r. 893.52 (2) of the statutes is created to read:
SB149-SA1,2,52 893.52 (2) An action, not arising on contract, to recover damages for an injury
3to real or personal property that are caused or sustained by, or that arise from, an
4accident involving a motor vehicle shall be commenced within 3 years after the cause
5of action accrues or be barred.".
SB149-SA1,2,7 63. Page 3, line 5: delete " vehicle covered by a motor vehicle" and substitute
SB149-SA1,2,8 84. Page 3, line 6: delete that line.
SB149-SA1,2,10 95. Page 3, line 10: delete "covered by a motor vehicle insurance policy
10described in s. 632.32 (1)".
SB149-SA1,2,12 116. Page 3, line 13: delete "actions or special proceedings that are commenced"
12and substitute "accidents that occur".