hist35682To joint committee for review of Administrative Rules pursuant to s. 227.19 (5) (a), Wisconsin Statutes.
Referred on May 5, 2015.
Relating to use of approved forms.
hist35688No action taken by committee on Housing and Real Estate on April 28, 2015.
hist35689To joint committee for review of Administrative Rules pursuant to s. 227.19 (5) (a), Wisconsin Statutes.
Referred on May 5, 2015.
Introduction and Reference of Proposals
Read first time and referred:
hist35687Assembly Joint Resolution 29
Relating to: commending the Marshall Sixth Grade Girls Basketball Team for winning the 2015 Wisconsin State Invitational Championship.
By Representative Kleefisch; cosponsored by Senator S. Fitzgerald.
hist35747To committee on Rules.
hist34941Assembly Joint Resolution 30
Relating to: designating May as Building Safety Month in Wisconsin.
By Representatives Hesselbein, Kahl, Milroy, Sargent, Ohnstad, Kolste, Johnson, Berceau, Goyke, Spreitzer, Subeck and Considine; cosponsored by Senators Erpenbach and Ringhand.
hist35748To committee on Rules.
hist35376Assembly Joint Resolution 31
Relating to: recognizing the achievements and outstanding service of Herzing University and the Herzing family.
By Representatives Barca, Sargent, Hebl, Subeck, Goyke, Considine, Ohnstad, Sinicki, Berceau and C. Taylor; cosponsored by Senators L. Taylor, Wirch, Nass, Wanggaard and Vukmir.
hist35749To committee on Rules.
hist35377Assembly Joint Resolution 32
Relating to: honoring the life and contributions of former Secretary of Administration and Chairman of the BMO Harris Bradley Center, Marc Marotta.
By Representatives Barca, Zepnick, Kessler, Shankland, Murphy, Mason, Sargent, A. Ott, Sinicki, Kahl, Subeck, Bowen, Vorpagel, Jagler, Genrich, Pope, Milroy, C. Taylor, Danou, Thiesfeldt, Goyke, Riemer, Kerkman, Johnson, Ballweg, Ohnstad, Jorgensen, Spreitzer, Kitchens, Zamarripa, Spiros and Berceau; cosponsored by Senators L. Taylor, Shilling, Hansen, C. Larson, Wirch, Cowles, Nass, Miller, Risser, Bewley, Ringhand, S. Fitzgerald, Vinehout, Lassa, Erpenbach, Olsen, Harris Dodd and Lazich.
hist35750To committee on Rules.
hist35483Assembly Joint Resolution 33
Relating to: congratulating the University of Wisconsin-Madison men's basketball team on its 2014-15 basketball season, reaching the NCAA Final Four, and making it to the NCAA Championship Game.
By Representatives Jacque, C. Taylor, Berceau, Allen, Ballweg, Brandtjen, E. Brooks, R. Brooks, Danou, Edming, Gannon, Goyke, Heaton, Hebl, Hesselbein, Hintz, Kahl, Kerkman, Kleefisch, Knodl, Kremer, Krug, Kuglitsch, T. Larson, Mason, Milroy, Murphy, Mursau, Murtha, Ohnstad, A. Ott, Petryk, Ripp, Rohrkaste, Sargent, Shankland, Sinicki, Skowronski, Spiros, Spreitzer, Steffen, Subeck, Swearingen, Tauchen, Thiesfeldt, Tittl, Tranel, VanderMeer, Vorpagel and Zamarripa; cosponsored by Senators Marklein, Risser, Gudex, Hansen, Harris Dodd, Harsdorf, C. Larson, Miller, Nass, Olsen, L. Taylor, Vinehout, Vukmir, Wanggaard and Wirch.
hist35751To committee on Rules.
hist34954Assembly Bill 197
Relating to: information to be provided by insurers about health care plans offered on the American health benefit exchange.
By Representatives Czaja, Bernier, Edming, Knodl, Krug, T. Larson, Mursau, Rohrkaste and Thiesfeldt; cosponsored by Senators Vukmir, Cowles and Nass.
hist35755To committee on Insurance.
hist34965Assembly Bill 198
Relating to: the use of a cellular or other wireless telephone while driving a motor vehicle in a construction zone and providing a penalty.
By Representatives Spiros, Berceau, Billings, E. Brooks, Edming, Kahl, Kessler, Krug, Kulp, T. Larson, Murphy, Ohnstad, Petryk, Quinn, Spreitzer and Subeck; cosponsored by Senators Petrowski, Bewley, Carpenter, Cowles, Gudex, Marklein and Olsen.
hist35756To committee on Transportation.
hist34967Assembly Bill 199
Relating to: publication of certain legal notices on an Internet site maintained by a municipality.
By Representatives Spiros, Bernier, Jacque, Jarchow, Kulp, Bowen, Stuck, Kitchens, Horlacher, Tittl, Doyle, Knodl, T. Larson, Weatherston, Kerkman, Ripp, Kremer, Murtha, Kapenga, Murphy and Quinn; cosponsored by Senators Marklein, Olsen, Bewley, Nass and Harsdorf.
hist35757To committee on Urban and Local Affairs.
hist35001Assembly Bill 200
Relating to: a waiver to limit the number of FoodShare replacement cards.
By Representatives Heaton, R. Brooks, Craig, Edming, Gannon, Horlacher, Hutton, Jacque, Kerkman, Kitchens, Knodl, Kremer, Kulp, Murphy, Nygren, Petersen, Quinn, Steffen and Thiesfeldt; cosponsored by Senators Tiffany, Marklein and Nass.
hist35758To committee on Public Benefit Reform.
hist35283Assembly Bill 201
Relating to: the duty to stop at the scene of a motor vehicle accident.
By Representatives Jacque, Kitchens, Berceau, Edming, Kahl, T. Larson, Quinn, Spiros and Subeck; cosponsored by Senators Wanggaard and Hansen.
hist35759To committee on Judiciary.
hist35374Assembly Bill 202
Relating to: penalty for hiding or burying a corpse illegally and providing a penalty.
By Representatives Murtha, Kleefisch, Berceau, E. Brooks, Knodl, T. Larson, Murphy and Kitchens; cosponsored by Senators Harsdorf and Nass.
hist35760To committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety.
hist35375Assembly Bill 203
Relating to: supply and use of epinephrine auto-injectors by certain authorized entities.
By Representatives Edming, Kremer, Berceau, Brandtjen, Considine, Danou, Horlacher, Hutton, Jacque, Kleefisch, Knodl, Kulp, T. Larson, Murphy, Petryk, Quinn, Ripp, Rohrkaste, Spreitzer, Subeck and Tittl; cosponsored by Senators Vukmir, Cowles, Harris Dodd, Lassa, Miller, Moulton, Nass and Vinehout.
hist35761To committee on Health.
Committee Reports
The committee on State Affairs and Government Operations reports and recommends:
Assembly Bill 75
Relating to: eligibility for a license to carry a concealed weapon for a member of the U.S. armed forces stationed in Wisconsin.
Ayes: 14 - Representatives Swearingen, Craig, Jagler, Brandtjen, Kleefisch, Gannon, Ripp, Kulp, Tauchen, Vorpagel, Sinicki, Kahl, Ohnstad and Brostoff.
Noes: 1 - Representative Zamarripa.
hist35770To committee on Rules.
Assembly Bill 77
Relating to: certification cards to carry concealed weapons for residents of Wisconsin who formerly were employed as law enforcement officers in another state and successor law enforcement agencies to assume responsibility of issuing certification cards to carry concealed weapons to former officers.
Ayes: 14 - Representatives Swearingen, Craig, Jagler, Brandtjen, Kleefisch, Gannon, Ripp, Kulp, Tauchen, Vorpagel, Sinicki, Kahl, Ohnstad and Brostoff.
Noes: 1 - Representative Zamarripa.
hist35772To committee on Rules.
Committee on State Affairs and Government Operations
Action on the Senate Message
Senate Joint Resolution 9
Relating to: proclaiming May 15, 16, and 17, 2015, Syttende Mai Weekend.
By Senators Miller, Shilling, Harsdorf, Hansen, Vinehout, Erpenbach, Lassa, Risser, Wirch, Ringhand, Harris Dodd, Olsen, L. Taylor and Bewley; cosponsored by Representatives Hebl, Nerison, Allen, Brostoff, Danou, Hesselbein, Hintz, Horlacher, Jorgensen, Knudson, Milroy, Murtha, Ohnstad, Pope, Sargent, Sinicki, Subeck and Zamarripa.
hist35773To committee on Rules.
Senate Joint Resolution 11
Relating to: the life and public service of Jerry Van Sistine.
By Senators Hansen, Cowles, Wirch, Roth, Shilling, Erpenbach, Miller, Carpenter, Vinehout, Marklein, Lassa and Olsen; cosponsored by Representatives Genrich, Macco, Kahl, Spiros, Mason, Danou, Vorpagel, Milroy, Steffen, Sinicki, Pope, A. Ott, Ohnstad, Berceau, Jorgensen and Subeck.
hist35774To committee on Rules.
Senate Joint Resolution 19
Relating to: congratulating the James Madison Memorial High School Spartans boys swimming and diving teams on their 2014-15 season and winning their fifth consecutive state championship.