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Saturday, May 28, from 8:30am to 12:00pm for scheduled maintenance.
I am directed to inform you that the Senate has
Adopted and asks concurrence in:
hist36013Senate Joint Resolution 3
hist36014Senate Joint Resolution 27
hist36015Senate Joint Resolution 28
hist36016Senate Joint Resolution 33
hist36017Senate Joint Resolution 35
Passed and asks concurrence in:
hist35997Senate Bill 29
hist35998Senate Bill 32
hist35999Senate Bill 40
hist36000Senate Bill 50
hist36001Senate Bill 51
hist36002Senate Bill 52
hist36003Senate Bill 54
hist36004Senate Bill 84
hist36005Senate Bill 94
hist36006Senate Bill 95
hist36007Senate Bill 96
hist36008Senate Bill 97
hist36009Senate Bill 117
Concurred in:
hist35993Assembly Bill 99
hist35994Assembly Bill 100
hist36010Assembly Joint Resolution 10
hist36012Assembly Joint Resolution 11
hist36011Assembly Joint Resolution 12
Amended and concurred in as amended:
hist35995Assembly Bill 19 (Senate amendments 1 and 3 adopted)
hist35996Assembly Bill 27 (Senate Substitute Amendment 1 adopted)
Executive Communications
State of Wisconsin
Office of the Governor
May 6, 2015
To the Honorable Members of the Assembly:
The following bills, originating in the Assembly, have been approved, signed and deposited in the office of the Secretary of State:
Bill Number   Act Number   Date Approved
hist35787Assembly Bill 125   17   May 6, 2015
hist35789Assembly Bill 126   18   May 6, 2015
Respectfully submitted,
Pursuant to s. 35.095 (1)(b), Wisconsin Statutes, the following 2015 Acts have been published:
Act Number   Bill Number   Publication Date
hist35788Wisconsin Act 17   Assembly Bill 125   May 7, 2015
hist35790Wisconsin Act 18   Assembly Bill 126   May 7, 2015
May 6, 2015
Patrick E. Fuller
Assembly Chief Clerk
17 West Main Street, Suite 401
Madison, WI 53703
Dear Chief Clerk Fuller:
hist35871Please add my name as a co-author of Assembly Bill 161, relating to limitations on town expenditures for certain highway purposes.
State Representative
97th Assembly District