hist39103Senate Bill 209
Relating to: constructing a sports and entertainment arena and related facilities and making appropriations.
By joint committee on Finance
hist39112To calendar of Tuesday, July 28 pursuant to Assembly Rule 42 (3)(c).
Speaker’s Communications
July 23, 2015
Representative John Nygren, Co-Chair
Joint Committee on Finance
309 East, State Capitol
Madison, WI 53708
Dear Representative Nygren:
hist39138   Pursuant to Assembly Rule 42 (3)(c), with your approval I am withdrawing Assembly Bill 279 from the Joint Finance Committee and referring the bill to the July Extraordinary Session Calendar.  
Robin J. Vos
Assembly Speaker
Representative Goyke moved that the Assembly stand adjourned until 10:00 A.M. on Tuesday, July 28.
The question was: Shall the Assembly stand adjourned?
Motion carried.
The Assembly stood adjourned.
3:21 P.M.