Assembly Journal
One-Hundred and Second Regular Session
  THURSDAY, October 1, 2015
The Chief Clerk makes the following entries under the above date:
Introduction and Reference of Proposals
Read first time and referred:
hist40795Assembly Resolution 15
Relating to: proclaiming October as Italian-American Heritage Month.
By Representatives Barca, Kleefisch, Sinicki, Sanfelippo, Mason, Murphy, Ohnstad, Subeck, Considine, Murtha, Sargent, Goyke, Weatherston, Meyers, Spreitzer, Kahl, Zamarripa, Berceau, Petryk and Jorgensen.
hist40854To committee on Rules.
hist40821Assembly Bill 372
Relating to: membership of the board of commissioners of public inland lake protection and rehabilitation districts.
By Representatives Swearingen, Kleefisch, R. Brooks, Ballweg, Krug, Mursau and Czaja; cosponsored by Senator Tiffany.
hist40858To committee on Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage.
Ruling on the Point of Order
On Thursday, September 24, (page 293 of the Assembly
Journal), Representative Hebl rose to a point of order that Assembly Substitute Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 325 was not germane under Assembly Rule 54. The text of that point of order follows:
“Mr. Speaker, I rise on the point of order that Assembly Substitute Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 325 is not germane and, therefore, not properly before the body.
While most of the sections of ASA 1 either limit the scope of the bill or accomplish the same purpose of the bill in a different manner, Sections 9 and 11 add new purposes to the bill to require primary elections for school board members in certain district and require the adoption of an apportionment plan after the decennial census. As a result, ASA 1 expands the scope of AB 325. It is, therefore, not germane under Assembly Rule 54 (3)(a) and 54 (3)(f).
Furthermore, the last two clauses of the relating clause of ASA 1 are wholly unrelated and “substantially different” to the relating clause of the original bill, as prohibited under Assembly Rule 54 (1). These changes “totally alter the nature of the proposal,” again in violation of Assembly Rule 54 (1).
Section 9 and 11 of ASA 1 are not “a specific provision amending a general provision,” “accomplishing the same purpose in a different manner,” “limiting the scope of the proposal,” “adding appropriations necessary to fulfill the original intent of the bill,” and “relating only to particularized details.”
It is also important to note that Section 11 of ASA 1 amends statutes created by the 2015-17 state budget and that AB 325 was circulated for cosponsors more than six weeks after the budget was signed into law. So, if the changes in section 11 of the amendment were part of the original intent of the bill, the author, the gentleman from the 62nd, had ample opportunity to include that provision in his original bill. He did not.
Now, because of the inclusion of Sections 9 and 11, this substitute amendment is not germane and not properly before this body.
Thank you, Mr. Speaker.”
Speaker Pro Tempore August ruled the point of order not well taken. The full text of the ruling by Speaker Pro Tempore August follows:
“After consideration of your point of order that Assembly Substitute Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 325 is not germane under various provisions of Assembly Rule 54, I find that:
It is the opinion of the Chair that the point of order is not well taken pursuant to Assembly Rule 54 4(b) and 54 4(c).”
Speaker's Communications
September 29, 2015
Representative Joel Kleefisch
Room 216 North, State Capitol
Madison, WI 53708
Dear Representative Kleefisch:
hist40781Pursuant to Assembly Rule 42 (3)(c), and with your approval, I am withdrawing Assembly Bills 352 and 353 from the Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety and referring the bills to the Committee on Judiciary.
Thank you for your consideration.
Assembly Speaker
September 29, 2015
Patrick E. Fuller
Assembly Chief Clerk
17 West Main Street, Suite 401
Madison, WI 53703
Dear Chief Clerk Fuller:
hist40791Please add my name as a co-sponsor of Assembly Bill 117, relating to pleading requirements under the Wisconsin Consumer Act.
State Senator
20th Senate District
September 29, 2015
Patrick E. Fuller
Assembly Chief Clerk