hist47299Assembly Amendment 1 to Assembly Substitute Amendment 2 to Assembly Bill 174 offered by Representative Wachs.
hist47249Assembly Amendment 1 to Assembly Substitute Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 368 offered by Representative Gannon.
hist47250Assembly Amendment 2 to Assembly Substitute Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 368 offered by Representative Gannon.
hist47251Assembly Amendment 3 to Assembly Substitute Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 368 offered by Representative Gannon.
hist47248Assembly Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 489 offered by Representative Brandtjen.
hist47368Assembly Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 515 offered by Representative Tittl.
hist47387Assembly Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 558 offered by Representatives Loudenbeck and Spiros.
hist47252Assembly Substitute Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 568 offered by Representative R. Brooks.
hist47386Assembly Substitute Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 571 offered by Representative Jagler.
hist47218Assembly Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 616 offered by Representative Murtha.
hist47184Assembly Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 632 offered by Representative Ballweg.
hist47032Assembly Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 666 offered by Representative Goyke.
hist47042Assembly Amendment 2 to Assembly Bill 666 offered by Representative Goyke.
hist47183Assembly Amendment 3 to Assembly Bill 666 offered by Representative Kleefisch.
Introduction and Reference of Proposals
Read first time and referred:
hist47216Assembly Joint Resolution 96
Relating to: recognizing the nationally touring exhibition of Shakespeare's First Folio.
By Representative Murphy; cosponsored by Senator Harsdorf.
hist47217To committee on Rules.
hist46911Assembly Joint Resolution 97
Relating to: the life and public service of Rodney Warren Kreunen.
By Representatives Subeck, Hesselbein, Milroy, Sargent, Ohnstad, Hebl, Kessler, Berceau and Jacque; cosponsored by Senators Risser, Erpenbach, Nass, Lasee, Cowles, L. Taylor, Olsen, Petrowski, Miller, Wirch, Wanggaard, Lassa and Hansen.
hist47224To committee on Rules.
hist45963Assembly Bill 691
Relating to: requiring sexual abuse prevention education.
By Representatives Spiros, Sargent, Kulp, Johnson, Zepnick, Kahl, Billings, Skowronski, Horlacher, Rohrkaste, E. Brooks, Ohnstad, Milroy, Berceau, Allen, Knodl, Subeck, A. Ott, Sinicki, Spreitzer, Mursau, Pope and C. Taylor; cosponsored by Senators Petrowski, Lassa, Carpenter, Wirch and Olsen.
hist47225To committee on Education.
hist45964Assembly Bill 692
Relating to: teen dating violence policies and education.
By Representatives Spiros, Sargent, Kulp, Johnson, Stuck, Billings, Ohnstad, Milroy, Berceau, Allen, Subeck, A. Ott, E. Brooks, Kahl, Rohrkaste, Brostoff, T. Larson, Pope and C. Taylor; cosponsored by Senator Harris Dodd.
hist47226To committee on Education.
hist46113Assembly Bill 693
Relating to: disposition of the unclaimed cremated remains of veterans and their dependents.
By Representatives Skowronski, Jarchow, Murtha, Petryk, Gannon, Macco, Horlacher, Novak, Ballweg, Kremer, Edming, R. Brooks, Murphy, T. Larson, E. Brooks, Brandtjen and Knodl; cosponsored by Senators Harsdorf, Marklein, Vinehout, Olsen and Ringhand.
hist47227To committee on Veterans and Military Affairs.
hist46114Assembly Bill 694
Relating to: notice of unclaimed funds held by a county treasurer.
By Representatives Bernier, Novak, Horlacher, Danou, Murphy, Sinicki, Ballweg, E. Brooks, R. Brooks, Knodl, T. Larson, Brandtjen and Subeck; cosponsored by Senators Stroebel, Lasee, Nass, Kapenga, Olsen, Marklein and Ringhand.
hist47228To committee on Urban and Local Affairs.
hist46272Assembly Bill 695
Relating to: creating the Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act.
By Representatives R. Brooks, Sargent, Kahl, Kremer, Goyke, Gannon, Pope, Kolste, Hutton, Sinicki, Murphy and Genrich; cosponsored by Senators Roth, Risser, Olsen and Miller.
hist47229To committee on Judiciary.
hist46238Assembly Bill 696
Relating to: an initial teaching license based on completion of a Montessori teacher education program.
By Representative Knudson; cosponsored by Senator Olsen.
hist47230To committee on Education.
hist46239Assembly Bill 697
Relating to: the sale of unpasteurized milk and unpasteurized milk products and an exemption from requirements for certain dairy farms.
By Representatives Murphy, Craig, Kremer, Tittl, Edming, Danou, Mason, Knodl, Kleefisch, Brandtjen, Berceau, Macco, Kooyenga, Skowronski and Hutton; cosponsored by Senators Stroebel, Vukmir and Tiffany.
hist47231To committee on Agriculture.
hist46616Assembly Bill 698
Relating to: requirements imposed on retailers of liquefied petroleum gas for proving financial responsibility.
By Representatives Heaton, Kulp, Ballweg, Kremer, Czaja, E. Brooks, T. Larson, Thiesfeldt, Edming and Rodriguez; cosponsored by Senators Lasee and Nass.
hist47232To committee on Energy and Utilities.
hist46563Assembly Bill 699
Relating to: regulating the operation of recreational vessels carrying persons under the age of 13.
By Representatives A. Ott, Ballweg, Berceau, Genrich, Goyke, Heaton, Hesselbein, Horlacher, Johnson, Kahl, T. Larson, Ohnstad, Rohrkaste, Spiros, Spreitzer, Subeck, Wachs and Zepnick; cosponsored by Senators Petrowski, C. Larson, Lassa, Miller and Risser.
hist47233To committee on Environment and Forestry.
hist46564Assembly Bill 700
Relating to: the date on which the annual open season for hunting and trapping wolves begins.
By Representatives A. Ott, Danou, Brandtjen, E. Brooks, Edming, Horlacher, Kleefisch, Kremer, Kulp, T. Larson, Macco, Milroy, Mursau, Nygren, Quinn, Ripp, Schraa, Swearingen and Tauchen; cosponsored by Senators Tiffany, Marklein and Moulton.
hist47234To committee on Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage.
hist46570Assembly Bill 701
Relating to: action required to be taken in response to a discharge of hazardous substances, exemption from liability for certain hazardous substance discharges, providing an exemption from emergency rule procedures, and granting rule-making authority.
By Representatives Tittl, Genrich, Berceau, Czaja, Jacque, Kahl, Macco, Nygren, Ohnstad, A. Ott, Petryk, Shankland, Sinicki, Steffen, Subeck, Swearingen and Considine; cosponsored by Senators Cowles, Lassa, Hansen, Lasee, Petrowski, Tiffany and LeMahieu.
hist47235To committee on Environment and Forestry.
hist46572Assembly Bill 702
Relating to: special registration plates associated with the Wisconsin Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, childhood cancer, Whitetails Unlimited, the Boy Scouts of America, and nurses and the nursing profession, registration numbers on special registration plates, and making appropriations.
By Representatives Kitchens, Brandtjen, Ripp and Vos; cosponsored by Senators Lasee, Lazich and Wanggaard.
hist47236To committee on Transportation.
hist46573Assembly Bill 703
Relating to: planting trees, shrubs, or hedges on the side of certain highways.
By Representative Spiros; cosponsored by Senator Petrowski.
hist47237To committee on Transportation.
hist46578Assembly Bill 704
Relating to: tribal college and county joint libraries.
By Representative Mursau.
hist47238To committee on Urban and Local Affairs.
hist46579Assembly Bill 705
Relating to: authorizing the Wisconsin Propane Education and Research Council to levy an assessment.
By Representatives Kulp, VanderMeer, Bernier, Shankland, Murphy, Steffen, A. Ott, R. Brooks, Rohrkaste, Kahl, Subeck, Zepnick, Thiesfeldt, Heaton, Danou, Meyers, E. Brooks, Murtha, Swearingen, Novak and Barca; cosponsored by Senators Cowles, Marklein, Hansen, Gudex, Olsen, Ringhand, Roth, Bewley and Harsdorf.
hist47239To committee on Energy and Utilities.
hist46701Assembly Bill 706
Relating to: authorizing a town meeting to direct a town board to change the number of commissioners of certain town sanitary district commissions.
By Representatives August, E. Brooks, Thiesfeldt, A. Ott and Tittl; cosponsored by Senator Nass.
hist47240To committee on Urban and Local Affairs.