Senate Journal
One-Hundred and Second Regular Session
MONDAY, April 20, 2015
The Chief Clerk makes the following entries under the above date.
Introduction, First Reading, and Reference of Proposals
Read and referred:
hist34940Senate Joint Resolution 30
Relating to: designating May as Building Safety Month in Wisconsin.
By Senators Erpenbach and Ringhand; cosponsored by Representatives Hesselbein, Kahl, Milroy, Sargent, Ohnstad, Kolste, Johnson, Berceau, Goyke, Spreitzer, Subeck and Considine.
hist34949To committee on Senate Organization.
hist34964Senate Joint Resolution 31
Relating to: honoring the life and contributions of former Secretary of Administration and Chairman of the BMO Harris Bradley Center, Marc Marotta.
By Senators L. Taylor, Shilling, Hansen, C. Larson, Wirch, Cowles, Nass, Miller, Risser, Bewley, Ringhand, S. Fitzgerald, Vinehout, Lassa, Erpenbach, Olsen, Harris Dodd and Lazich; cosponsored by Representatives Barca, Zepnick, Kessler, Shankland, Murphy, Mason, Sargent, A. Ott, Sinicki, Kahl, Subeck, Bowen, Vorpagel, Jagler, Genrich, Pope, Milroy, C. Taylor, Danou, Thiesfeldt, Goyke, Riemer, Kerkman, Johnson, Ballweg, Ohnstad, Jorgensen, Spreitzer, Kitchens, Zamarripa, Spiros and Berceau.
hist35020To committee on Senate Organization.
Read first time and referred:
hist34287Senate Bill 124
Relating to: grants to certain small businesses that receive federal grants.
By Senators Lassa, Ringhand and Vinehout; cosponsored by Representatives Kahl, Kolste, C. Taylor, Mason, Genrich, Doyle, Barca, Spreitzer, Subeck, Sinicki, Brostoff, Goyke, Considine, Ohnstad, Berceau and Zamarripa.
hist35021To committee on Economic Development and Commerce.
hist34288Senate Bill 125
Relating to: access to investigational drugs, devices, and biological products and limitations on liability related to their use.
By Senators Risser, Ringhand, Miller, L. Taylor, Harris Dodd and Lassa; cosponsored by Representatives Kleefisch, Hesselbein, Kahl, Berceau, Ohnstad, Sargent, Subeck, Pope, Sinicki, C. Taylor, Quinn, Johnson, Vorpagel, Steffen, Milroy, Horlacher, Edming, Bowen, Novak, Craig, Kitchens, Kooyenga, Kremer, Kulp and R. Brooks.
hist35022To committee on Health and Human Services.
hist34572Senate Bill 126
Relating to: immunity from civil liability for certain equine activities.
By Senators Wanggaard, Nass, Vinehout, Cowles, Petrowski, Moulton and Farrow; cosponsored by Representatives Kapenga, Kerkman, Jacque, Weatherston, Czaja, Edming, Quinn, Horlacher, Knodl, Petryk, Kulp, Gannon, Thiesfeldt and Tauchen.
hist35023To committee on Judiciary and Public Safety.
hist33968Senate Bill 127
Relating to: variable rate loans.
By Senators LeMahieu and Wanggaard; cosponsored by Representatives Katsma, Doyle, R. Brooks, Macco, Thiesfeldt, Sanfelippo, A. Ott, Nygren, Tittl, Kremer, Brandtjen, Kapenga, Craig, Skowronski, Weatherston, Knodl, Vorpagel, Allen, Horlacher, Jarchow and Steffen.
hist35029To committee on Revenue, Financial Institutions, and Rural Issues.
hist33970Senate Bill 128
Relating to: repealing rules promulgated by the Department of Natural Resources.
By Senators Petrowski, Gudex and Tiffany; cosponsored by Representatives Edming, Ballweg, R. Brooks, Czaja, Horlacher, Kleefisch, Kulp, Murphy, Murtha, Quinn and Skowronski.
hist35030To committee on Natural Resources and Energy.
hist34229Senate Bill 129
Relating to: school district accountability reports.
By Senator Harsdorf; cosponsored by Representative Jarchow.
hist35031To committee on Education Reform and Government Operations.
hist34485Senate Bill 130
Relating to: adopting federal law as it relates to an income tax deduction for certain educators.
By Senators Marklein, Lassa, Moulton, Vinehout, Wanggaard and LeMahieu; cosponsored by Representatives Novak, Jacque, T. Larson, E. Brooks, Ripp, A. Ott, Petersen, Thiesfeldt, Knudson, Macco, Knodl, Kremer, Bernier, Quinn, Subeck, Murphy, Tranel, Kleefisch, Born, Petryk, Vorpagel, Horlacher, Kitchens and Rodriguez.
hist35032To committee on Revenue, Financial Institutions, and Rural Issues.
hist34847Senate Bill 131
Relating to: immunity of private campgrounds.
By Senators LeMahieu, Lasee, Nass, Olsen and Tiffany; cosponsored by Representatives Kitchens, Jacque, Allen, Ballweg, E. Brooks, Czaja, Edming, Horlacher, Kleefisch, Knodl, Krug, Murphy, A. Ott, Quinn and Ripp.
hist35033To committee on Judiciary and Public Safety.
hist34892Senate Bill 132
Relating to: regulating the use of vapor products.
By Senators Nass and Lasee; cosponsored by Representatives Kleefisch, Bernier, Brandtjen, Craig, Gannon, Horlacher, Jarchow, Knodl, Kremer, Murphy, Mursau, R. Brooks, Steffen, Swearingen and Weatherston.
hist35034To committee on Health and Human Services.
hist34930Senate Bill 133
Relating to: penalty for hiding or burying a corpse illegally and providing a penalty.
By Senators Harsdorf and Nass; cosponsored by Representatives Murtha, Kleefisch, Berceau, E. Brooks, Knodl, T. Larson, Murphy and Kitchens.
hist35035To committee on Judiciary and Public Safety.
Report of Committees
The committee on Senate Organization reports:
Public hearing requirement waived, pursuant to Senate Rule 18 (1m):
hist34956Assembly Bill 28
hist34957Assembly Bill 56
hist34958Assembly Bill 83
hist34959Assembly Bill 113
hist34960Assembly Bill 122
hist34961Assembly Bill 125
hist34962Assembly Bill 126
hist34963Assembly Bill 143
Ayes: 5 - Senators S. Fitzgerald, Lazich, Farrow, Shilling and Hansen.
Noes: 0 - None.
Placed the following appointments and proposals on the Senate Calendar of Tuesday, April 21, 2015:
hist34994Deputy Secretary Ray Allen
hist34995Kathryn Curren
hist34996Jeffery Feldt
hist34997Michael Huebsch
hist34998Dave M. Maxwell
hist34999William L Quackenbush
hist35000Kevin L. Shafer
hist34970Senate Joint Resolution 9
hist34971Senate Joint Resolution 11
hist34972Senate Joint Resolution 19
hist34973Senate Joint Resolution 22
hist34974Senate Joint Resolution 23
hist34977Senate Joint Resolution 24
hist34975Senate Joint Resolution 29
hist34982Senate Bill 35
hist34983Senate Bill 47
hist36047Senate Bill 73