Senate Journal
July 2015 Extraordinary Session
12:56 P.M.   TUESDAY, July 28, 2015
The Senate met.
The Senate was called to order by Senator Fitzgerald.
Pursuant to Senate Rule 17 (6), the Chief Clerk makes the following entries under the above date.
Chief Clerk's Entries
Senate Enrolled Proposals
The Chief Clerk records:
hist39166Senate Bill 209
Report correctly enrolled on 7-28-2015.
Petitions and Communications
Legislative Reference Bureau Corrections
Corrections In:
Prepared by the Legislative Reference Bureau
(July 28, 2015)
In engrossing, the following correction was made:
hist391671. Page 2, line 14: delete “or lapse any moneys under s. 20.835 (6) (g)”.
****NOTE: The above item deletes language that cross−references a statutory unit that no longer appears in Senate Bill 209, as shown by the drafting file.
2. Page 42, line 12: delete lines 12 and 13.
****NOTE: The above item deletes an effective date for statutory units that no longer appear in Senate Bill 209, as shown by the drafting file.
Messages from the Assembly
By Patrick E. Fuller, chief clerk.
Mr. President:
I am directed to inform you that the Assembly has concurred in:
hist39162Senate Bill 209
Senator Fitzgerald, with unanimous consent, asked that the July 2015 Extraordinary Session of the Senate stand adjourned pursuant to Senate Joint Resolution 1.
12:57 P.M.