hist40807To committee on Elections and Local Government.
hist40325Senate Bill 274
Relating to: reporting a nonconformity under the law governing repair, replacement, and refund under a motor vehicle warranty.
By Senator Petrowski; cosponsored by Representative August.
hist40808To committee on Transportation and Veterans Affairs.
hist40326Senate Bill 275
Relating to: parking spaces reserved for persons with physical disabilities.
By Senators Petrowski, Cowles, Bewley, Gudex, Lasee, Lassa, Miller, Olsen, Ringhand, L. Taylor, Vinehout and Wirch; cosponsored by Representatives Subeck, Ripp, Ballweg, Berceau, Bowen, E. Brooks, Brostoff, Considine, Genrich, Gannon, Heaton, Hebl, Horlacher, Johnson, Kahl, Kessler, Kitchens, Kolste, Kooyenga, Krug, Milroy, Murphy, Mursau, Ohnstad, A. Ott, Pope, Quinn, Shankland, Spreitzer, Steffen, Stuck, C. Taylor and Wachs.
hist40809To committee on Transportation and Veterans Affairs.
hist40327Senate Bill 276
Relating to: University of Wisconsin System parking and transportation facilities and parking fees.
By Senators Harsdorf, Marklein, Vinehout, Bewley, Nass and Cowles; cosponsored by Representatives Murphy, Krug, Skowronski, T. Larson, E. Brooks, Ballweg, Novak, Knodl, A. Ott, Allen, Thiesfeldt, Rohrkaste and Steffen.
hist40810To committee on Universities and Technical Colleges.
hist40328Senate Bill 277
Relating to: rate regulation for health insurance.
By Senators C. Larson, Carpenter, Hansen, L. Taylor, Vinehout, Harris Dodd, Erpenbach and Ringhand; cosponsored by Representatives Kolste, Jorgensen, Sinicki, Brostoff, Kessler, Goyke, Genrich, Pope, Spreitzer, Ohnstad, Subeck and Berceau.
hist40811To committee on Insurance, Housing, and Trade.
hist40329Senate Bill 278
Relating to: authorizing local government employees to participate in ancillary insurance coverage programs offered by the Group Insurance Board to state employees.
By Senators Kapenga, Marklein, Nass and Wanggaard; cosponsored by Representatives Steffen, Allen, Ballweg, Craig, Genrich, Horlacher, Hutton, Jarchow, Kitchens, Knodl, Krug, T. Larson, Quinn, Rodriguez, Rohrkaste, Spreitzer, Thiesfeldt, Weatherston and E. Brooks.
hist40812To committee on Elections and Local Government.
hist40712Senate Bill 279
Relating to: real estate transfer fee returns for conveyances exempt from the fee.
By Senators Lasee, LeMahieu, Hansen, Erpenbach, Lassa, Olsen, Marklein, Cowles and Ringhand; cosponsored by Representatives Ballweg, Macco, Milroy, Goyke, Jarchow, Steffen, E. Brooks, Novak, Subeck, Kooyenga, Kitchens, Born, Genrich, Murphy, Knodl, Quinn, Allen and Kolste.
hist40839To committee on Insurance, Housing, and Trade.
hist40713Senate Bill 280
Relating to: the age at which a person who is alleged to have violated a criminal law, a civil law, or a municipal ordinance and who has not been charged with certain violent offenses, and has not, after previously being convicted of a crime or adjudicated delinquent, been charged with a crime or alleged in a complaint or citation to have violated a civil law or municipal ordinance, is subject to juvenile court jurisdiction.
By Senators Petrowski, Bewley, Carpenter, Erpenbach, Harris Dodd, Harsdorf, Kapenga, C. Larson, Moulton, Olsen, Ringhand, Shilling, L. Taylor and Wirch; cosponsored by Representatives Hutton, Czaja, Allen, Ballweg, Barnes, Billings, Brandtjen, Brostoff, Berceau, Craig, Doyle, Edming, Gannon, Genrich, Goyke, Hebl, Hesselbein, Hintz, Jarchow, Johnson, Kahl, Kessler, Kitchens, Knudson, Kolste, Kooyenga, Kuglitsch, Kulp, T. Larson, Loudenbeck, Macco, Milroy, Murphy, Mursau, Murtha, Neylon, Novak, Ohnstad, A. Ott, Petryk, Pope, Riemer, Ripp, Rodriguez, Rohrkaste, Sargent, Schraa, Spiros, Spreitzer, Stuck, Subeck, Tauchen, C. Taylor, Thiesfeldt, Weatherston and Zamarripa.
hist40840To committee on Judiciary and Public Safety.
hist40714Senate Bill 281
Relating to: voter registration; proving residence for registration and voting purposes; reviewing certain expenditures of the Government Accountability Board by the Joint Committee on Finance; and granting rule-making authority.
By Senators Hansen, Carpenter, Wirch, Risser, Erpenbach, L. Taylor, C. Larson, Ringhand, Miller, Harris Dodd and Vinehout; cosponsored by Representatives Genrich, Berceau, Spreitzer, Shankland, Sargent, Young, Goyke, Kolste, Barnes, Ohnstad, Hesselbein, Zamarripa, Hebl, Wachs, Kessler, C. Taylor, Johnson, Riemer, Kahl, Jorgensen, Bowen, Mason, Subeck, Brostoff and Danou.
hist40841To committee on Elections and Local Government.
hist40755Senate Bill 282
Relating to: granting Brown County certain submerged lands in Green Bay.
By Senators Cowles, Lasee and Hansen; cosponsored by Representatives Macco, Steffen, Jacque, Nygren, Kitchens, A. Ott, Genrich, Murphy, Knodl and Allen.
hist40842To committee on Natural Resources and Energy.
hist40759Senate Bill 283
Relating to: authorized activities of Class A beer retailers and of brewers.
By Senators Kapenga, Marklein, Ringhand, Roth, Stroebel and Vukmir; cosponsored by Representatives Ballweg, Billings, E. Brooks, Danou, Genrich, Johnson, Kremer, Krug, Loudenbeck, Macco, Murphy, Mursau, A. Ott, Rodriguez, Sanfelippo, Tauchen, C. Taylor, Thiesfeldt, Wachs, Zepnick and Kooyenga.
hist40843To committee on Public Benefit and Regulatory Reform.
hist40760Senate Bill 284
Relating to: methods of voting by members of a cooperative.
By Senators Moulton, Cowles, Petrowski, Lassa, Ringhand, Shilling and Vinehout; cosponsored by Representatives Jarchow, Ballweg, E. Brooks, Horlacher, Knodl, Krug, Loudenbeck, Murtha, A. Ott, Petersen, Quinn, Ripp, Tauchen, Billings, Doyle, Meyers, Milroy and Subeck.
hist40844To committee on Natural Resources and Energy.
Report of Committees
The committee on Labor and Government Reform reports and recommends:
Senate Joint Resolution 4
Relating to: deleting from the constitution the office of state treasurer (first consideration).
Ayes: 3 - Senators Nass, Wanggaard and Marklein.
Noes: 2 - Senators Wirch and C. Larson.
Committee on Labor and Government Reform
Referrals and Receipt of Committee Reports Concerning Proposed Administrative Rules
Relating to the provisions and administration of the universal service fund.
Submitted by Public Service Commission.
hist40702Report received from Agency, September 28, 2015.
hist40836Referred to committee on Natural Resources and Energy, September 30, 2015.
The joint committee for review of Administrative Rules reports and recommends:
Relating to psychology continuing education.
hist40824No action taken on September 28, 2015.
Relating to biennial registration of podiatrists.
hist40826No action taken on September 28, 2015.
Relating to physician licensure.
hist40827No action taken on September 28, 2015.
Relating to grants for master educators and nationally board certified educators.
hist40828No action taken on September 28, 2015.
Senate Chairperson
Advice and Consent of the Senate
State of Wisconsin
Office of the Governor
September 30, 2015
The Honorable, the Senate:
I am pleased to nominate and with the advice and consent of the Senate, do appoint DR. APRIL FOLGERT, of New Berlin, as a Nurse on the Nursing Home Administrator Examining Board, to serve for the term ending July 1, 2019.
Respectfully Submitted,