hist45934To committee on Health and Human Services.
hist45776Senate Bill 481
Relating to: reports regarding rural and underserved urban medicine programs.
By Senator Vukmir; cosponsored by Representative Sanfelippo.
hist45935To committee on Health and Human Services.
hist45777Senate Bill 482
Relating to: creating a procedure for granting certificates of qualification for employment.
By Senators Darling, L. Taylor and Harris Dodd; cosponsored by Representatives Knudson, Ballweg, Bernier, E. Brooks, Gannon, Hutton, Jagler, Jarchow, Knodl, Kremer, Krug, T. Larson, Macco, Murphy, Novak, Nygren, A. Ott, Rohrkaste, Steffen and Tittl.
hist45936To committee on Judiciary and Public Safety.
hist45778Senate Bill 483
Relating to: a grant program to support creative industries, job creation, or economic development in this state and making an appropriation.
By Senators Harsdorf, Darling, Moulton, Bewley, Hansen, C. Larson, Lassa, Miller, Vinehout, L. Taylor and Petrowski; cosponsored by Representatives Petryk, Ballweg, Rohrkaste, Spiros, Berceau, Billings, Genrich, Kolste, Mason, Ohnstad, Shankland and C. Taylor.
hist45937To committee on Agriculture, Small Business, and Tourism.
hist45780Senate Bill 484
Relating to: requiring an ignition interlock device to be installed for committing a drunken driving offense.
By Senator C. Larson; cosponsored by Representatives Brostoff, Sinicki, Zepnick, Berceau, Kolste, Kahl, Spreitzer and Subeck.
hist45938To committee on Transportation and Veterans Affairs.
hist45788Senate Bill 485
Relating to: supplemental forfeitures for trade and consumer protection violations perpetrated against the elderly and disabled and providing a penalty.
By Senators Wanggaard, Harris Dodd, Lassa, Moulton, Nass, Olsen, Ringhand and Wirch; cosponsored by Representatives VanderMeer, Bernier, E. Brooks, Horlacher, T. Larson, Macco, A. Ott, Petryk, Rohrkaste, Sinicki, Weatherston and Ballweg.
hist45939To committee on Judiciary and Public Safety.
hist45789Senate Bill 486
Relating to: authorizing a town meeting to direct a town board to change the number of commissioners of certain town sanitary district commissions.
By Senator Nass; cosponsored by Representatives August, E. Brooks, Thiesfeldt, A. Ott and Tittl.
hist45940To committee on Labor and Government Reform.
hist45791Senate Bill 487
Relating to: visitation of residents of certain facilities by adult children.
By Senators Moulton, Lasee and Olsen; cosponsored by Representatives Spiros, Ballweg, Bernier, Duchow, Horlacher, Knodl, Krug, T. Larson, A. Ott, Sinicki, Skowronski, Thiesfeldt and Tittl.
hist45941To committee on Health and Human Services.
hist45848Senate Bill 488
Relating to: creating a program to protect the confidentiality of addresses for victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault, or stalking; providing an exemption from emergency rule procedures; and requiring the exercise of rule-making authority.
By Senators S. Fitzgerald, Shilling, Carpenter, Gudex, C. Larson, Hansen, L. Taylor, Risser, Erpenbach, Vukmir, Lassa, Darling, Wirch, Marklein, Ringhand, Harris Dodd, Harsdorf and Olsen; cosponsored by Representatives Kleefisch, C. Taylor, Ohnstad, Gannon, Horlacher, Petryk, Milroy, Hebl, Johnson, Thiesfeldt, Mason, Berceau, Zamarripa, Zepnick, Kremer, Bernier, Murphy, Kahl, Subeck, A. Ott, Goyke, Doyle, Jacque, Jagler, E. Brooks, Sinicki, Rohrkaste, T. Larson, Krug, Rodriguez, Kolste, Born, Allen, Considine, Nerison, Shankland, Billings, Ballweg, Skowronski, Heaton and Spreitzer.
hist45942To committee on Judiciary and Public Safety.
hist45850Senate Bill 489
Relating to: inclusion of recovery from bone marrow or organ donation surgery as a serious health condition for which an employee may take leave from employment under the family and medical leave law and prohibiting certain insurance practices on the basis of a person being a living organ donor or bone marrow donor.
By Senators Bewley, Vinehout, L. Taylor, Shilling, Risser and C. Larson; cosponsored by Representatives Mason, Meyers, Milroy, Jorgensen, Jacque, Horlacher, Subeck, Genrich, Pope, Zamarripa, Berceau, Ohnstad, Wachs, Ballweg, C. Taylor, Spreitzer and Considine.
hist45943To committee on Labor and Government Reform.
hist45851Senate Bill 490
Relating to: serving certain documents relating to restraining orders and injunctions.
By Senators Petrowski, Hansen, Marklein, Olsen and Wanggaard; cosponsored by Representatives Loudenbeck, Kleefisch, Ballweg, Berceau, Bernier, E. Brooks, Horlacher, Jacque, Kahl, Knodl, T. Larson, Murphy, Mursau, A. Ott, Ripp, Skowronski, Subeck, Thiesfeldt and Ohnstad.
hist45944To committee on Judiciary and Public Safety.
hist45852Senate Bill 491
Relating to: providing student loan assistance for individuals employed in critical industry sectors, providing an exemption from rule-making procedures, and making an appropriation.
By Senators Lassa, C. Larson, Harris Dodd, L. Taylor, Ringhand, Wirch and Vinehout; cosponsored by Representatives Spreitzer, Meyers, Sinicki, Zepnick, Ohnstad, Sargent, Wachs, Subeck, Berceau, Johnson, Jorgensen, Brostoff and Danou.
hist45945To committee on Universities and Technical Colleges.
Petitions and Communications
State of Wisconsin
Government Accountability Board
December 29, 2015
The Honorable, the Senate:
Pursuant to Wis. Stats. §13.685 (7), we are providing the enclosed information. Please visit the Government Accountability Board’s Eye on Lobbying web site, https://lobbying.wi.gov, for more detailed information about lobbyists, lobbying principals (organizations), and state agency liaisons.
Julius, Buddy   Fantasy Sports Trade Association
Murray, Ryan   Fantasy Sports Trade Association
Director and General Counsel
Referrals and Receipt of Committee Reports Concerning Proposed Administrative Rules
Relating to practice, conduct, and continuing education.
Submitted by Examining Board of Architects, Landscape Architects, Professional Engineers, Designers, and Professional Land Surveyors.
hist45769Report received from Agency, December 18, 2015.
hist45925Referred to committee on Economic Development and Commerce, December 29, 2015.
Relating to submission of data to the prescription drug monitoring program.
Submitted by Controlled Substances Board .
hist45770Report received from Agency, December 18, 2015.
hist45926Referred to committee on Health and Human Services, December 29, 2015.
Relating to rules, application, exam, and renewal procedures.
Submitted by Marriage and Family Therapy, Professional Counseling, and Social Work Examining Board.
hist45855Report received from Agency, December 22, 2015.
hist45927Referred to committee on Health and Human Services, December 29, 2015.
The joint committee for review of Administrative Rules reports and recommends:
Relating to the use of Wisconsin Technical College System identification cards for voting purposes.
hist45956No action taken on December 29, 2015.
Relating to technical changes to PI 37 as a result of 2015 Wisconsin Act 55.
hist45957No action taken on December 29, 2015.
Senate Chairperson
Advice and Consent of the Senate
State of Wisconsin
Office of the Governor