AB253,20 3Section 20. 448.07 (2) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB253,8,134 448.07 (2) Fees. The Except as otherwise provided in s. 448.980, the fees for
5examination and licenses granted under this subchapter are specified in s. 440.05,
6and the renewal fee for such licenses is determined by the department under s.
7440.03 (9) (a). Compact licenses shall be subject to additional fees and assessments,
8as established by the department, the board, or the interstate medical licensure
9compact commission, to cover any costs incurred by the department or the board for
10this state's participation in the interstate medical licensure compact under s.
11448.980 and costs incurred by the interstate medical licensure compact commission
12for its administration of the renewal process for the interstate medical licensure
13compact under s. 448.980.
AB253,21 14Section 21. Subchapter VIII of chapter 448 [precedes 448.980] of the statutes
15is created to read:
AB253,8,1616 Chapter 448
AB253,8,1717 Subchapter VIII
AB253,8,1818 interstate medical licensure
AB253,8,1919 compact
AB253,8,21 20448.980 Interstate medical licensure compact. The following compact is
21hereby ratified and entered into:
AB253,9,11 22(1) Section 1 — Purpose. In order to strengthen access to health care, and in
23recognition of the advances in the delivery of health care, the member states of the
24interstate medical licensure compact have allied in common purpose to develop a
25comprehensive process that complements the existing licensing and regulatory

1authority of state medical boards, provides a streamlined process that allows
2physicians to become licensed in multiple states, thereby enhancing the portability
3of a medical license and ensuring the safety of patients. The compact creates another
4pathway for licensure and does not otherwise change a state's existing medical
5practice act. The compact also adopts the prevailing standard for licensure and
6affirms that the practice of medicine occurs where the patient is located at the time
7of the physician-patient encounter, and therefore, requires the physician to be under
8the jurisdiction of the state medical board where the patient is located. State medical
9boards that participate in the compact retain the jurisdiction to impose an adverse
10action against a license to practice medicine in that state issued to a physician
11through the procedures in the compact.
AB253,9,12 12(2) Section 2 — Definitions. In this compact:
AB253,9,1513 (a) "Bylaws" means those bylaws established by the interstate commission
14pursuant to sub. (11) for its governance, or for directing and controlling its actions
15and conduct.
AB253,9,1716 (b) "Commissioner" means the voting representative appointed by each
17member board pursuant to sub. (11).
AB253,9,2218 (c) "Conviction" means a finding by a court that an individual is guilty of a
19criminal offense through adjudication, or entry of a plea of guilt or no contest to the
20charge by the offender. Evidence of an entry of a conviction of a criminal offense by
21the court shall be considered final for purposes of disciplinary action by a member
AB253,9,2523 (d) "Expedited license" means a full and unrestricted medical license granted
24by a member state to an eligible physician through the process set forth in the
1(e) "Interstate commission" means the interstate commission created pursuant
2to sub. (11).
AB253,10,43 (f) "License" means authorization by a state for a physician to engage in the
4practice of medicine, which would be unlawful without the authorization.
AB253,10,65 (g) "Medical practice act" means laws and regulations governing the practice
6of allopathic and osteopathic medicine within a member state.
AB253,10,97 (h) "Member board" means a state agency in a member state that acts in the
8sovereign interests of the state by protecting the public through licensure,
9regulation, and education of physicians as directed by the state government.
AB253,10,1010 (i) "Member state" means a state that has enacted the compact.
AB253,10,1311 (j) "Practice of medicine" means the clinical prevention, diagnosis, or treatment
12of human disease, injury, or condition requiring a physician to obtain and maintain
13a license in compliance with the medical practice act of a member state.
AB253,10,1414 (k) "Physician" means any person who:
AB253,10,1815 1. Is a graduate of a medical school accredited by the Liaison Committee on
16Medical Education, the Commission on Osteopathic College Accreditation, or a
17medical school listed in the International Medical Education Directory or its
AB253,10,2219 2. Passed each component of the United States Medical Licensing Examination
20(USMLE) or the Comprehensive Osteopathic Medical Licensing Examination
21(COMLEX-USA) within 3 attempts, or any of its predecessor examinations accepted
22by a state medical board as an equivalent examination for licensure purposes;
AB253,10,2523 3. Successfully completed graduate medical education approved by the
24Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education or the American Osteopathic
14. Holds specialty certification or a time-unlimited specialty certificate
2recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties or the American
3Osteopathic Association's Bureau of Osteopathic Specialists;
AB253,11,54 5. Possesses a full and unrestricted license to engage in the practice of medicine
5issued by a member board;
AB253,11,86 6. Has never been convicted, received adjudication, deferred adjudication,
7community supervision, or deferred disposition for any offense by a court of
8appropriate jurisdiction;
AB253,11,119 7. Has never held a license authorizing the practice of medicine subjected to
10discipline by a licensing agency in any state, federal, or foreign jurisdiction,
11excluding any action related to non-payment of fees related to a license;
AB253,11,1312 8. Has never had a controlled substance license or permit suspended or revoked
13by a state or the united states drug enforcement administration; and
AB253,11,1514 9. Is not under active investigation by a licensing agency or law enforcement
15authority in any state, federal, or foreign jurisdiction.
AB253,11,1616 (L) "Offense" means a felony, gross misdemeanor, or crime of moral turpitude.
AB253,11,2217 (m) "Rule" means a written statement by the interstate commission
18promulgated pursuant to sub. (12) that is of general applicability, implements,
19interprets, or prescribes a policy or provision of the compact, or an organizational,
20procedural, or practice requirement of the interstate commission, and has the force
21and effect of statutory law in a member state, and includes the amendment, repeal,
22or suspension of an existing rule.
AB253,11,2423 (n) "State" means any state, commonwealth, district, or territory of the United
1(o) "State of principal license" means a member state where a physician holds
2a license to practice medicine and which has been designated as such by the
3physician for purposes of registration and participation in the compact.
AB253,12,6 4(3) Section 3 — Eligibility. (a) A physician must meet the eligibility
5requirements as defined in sub. (2) (k) to receive an expedited license under the terms
6and provisions of the compact.
AB253,12,107 (b) A physician who does not meet the requirements of sub. (2) (k) may obtain
8a license to practice medicine in a member state if the individual complies with all
9laws and requirements, other than the compact, relating to the issuance of a license
10to practice medicine in that state.
AB253,12,14 11(4) Section 4 — Designation of state of principal license. (a) A physician shall
12designate a member state as the state of principal license for purposes of registration
13for expedited licensure through the compact if the physician possesses a full and
14unrestricted license to practice medicine in that state, and the state is:
AB253,12,1515 1. The state of primary residence for the physician; or
AB253,12,1616 2. The state where at least 25% of the practice of medicine occurs, or
AB253,12,1717 3. The location of the physician's employer; or
AB253,12,1918 4. If no state qualifies under subd. 1., 2., or 3., the state designated as state of
19residence for purpose of federal income tax.
AB253,12,2120 (b) A physician may redesignate a member state as state of principal license
21at any time, as long as the state meets the requirements in par. (a).
AB253,12,2322 (c) The interstate commission is authorized to develop rules to facilitate
23redesignation of another member state as the state of principal license.
AB253,13,2 24(5) Section 5 — Application and issuance of expedited licensure. (a) A
25physician seeking licensure through the compact shall file an application for an

1expedited license with the member board of the state selected by the physician as the
2state of principal license.
AB253,13,63 (b) 1. Upon receipt of an application for an expedited license, the member board
4within the state selected as the state of principal license shall evaluate whether the
5physician is eligible for expedited licensure and issue a letter of qualification,
6verifying or denying the physician's eligibility, to the interstate commission.
AB253,13,117 2. Static qualifications, which include verification of medical education,
8graduate medical education, results of any medical or licensing examination, and
9other qualifications as determined by the interstate commission through rule, shall
10not be subject to additional primary source verification where already primary
11source verified by the state of principal license.
AB253,13,1712 3. The member board within the state selected as the state of principal license
13shall, in the course of verifying eligibility, perform a criminal background check of
14an applicant, including the use of the results of fingerprint or other biometric data
15checks compliant with the requirements of the federal bureau of investigation, with
16the exception of federal employees who have suitability determination in accordance
17with 5 CFR 731.202.
AB253,13,1918 4. Appeal on the determination of eligibility shall be made to the member state
19where the application was filed and shall be subject to the law of that state.
AB253,13,2320 (c) Upon verification in par. (b), physicians eligible for an expedited license
21shall complete the registration process established by the interstate commission to
22receive a license in a member state selected pursuant to par. (a), including the
23payment of any applicable fees.
AB253,14,324 (d) After receiving verification of eligibility under par. (b) and any fees under
25par. (c), a member board shall issue an expedited license to the physician. This

1license shall authorize the physician to practice medicine in the issuing state
2consistent with the medical practice act and all applicable laws and regulations of
3the issuing member board and member state.
AB253,14,64 (e) An expedited license shall be valid for a period consistent with the licensure
5period in the member state and in the same manner as required for other physicians
6holding a full and unrestricted license within the member state.
AB253,14,97 (f) An expedited license obtained though the compact shall be terminated if a
8physician fails to maintain a license in the state of principal licensure for a
9non-disciplinary reason, without redesignation of a new state of principal licensure.
AB253,14,1210 (g) The interstate commission is authorized to develop rules regarding the
11application process, including payment of any applicable fees, and the issuance of an
12expedited license.
AB253,14,15 13(6) Section 6 — Fees for expedited licensure. (a) A member state issuing an
14expedited license authorizing the practice of medicine in that state may impose a fee
15for a license issued or renewed through the compact.
AB253,14,1716 (b) The interstate commission is authorized to develop rules regarding fees for
17expedited licenses.
AB253,14,20 18(7) Section 7 — Renewal and continued participation. (a) A physician seeking
19to renew an expedited license granted in a member state shall complete a renewal
20process with the interstate commission if the physician:
AB253,14,2121 1. Maintains a full and unrestricted license in a state of principal license;
AB253,14,2422 2. Has not been convicted, received adjudication, deferred adjudication,
23community supervision, or deferred disposition for any offense by a court of
24appropriate jurisdiction;
13. Has not had a license authorizing the practice of medicine subject to
2discipline by a licensing agency in any state, federal, or foreign jurisdiction,
3excluding any action related to non-payment of fees related to a license; and
AB253,15,54 4. Has not had a controlled substance license or permit suspended or revoked
5by a state or the united states drug enforcement administration.
AB253,15,86 (b) Physicians shall comply with all continuing professional development or
7continuing medical education requirements for renewal of a license issued by a
8member state.
AB253,15,109 (c) The interstate commission shall collect any renewal fees charged for the
10renewal of a license and distribute the fees to the applicable member board.
AB253,15,1211 (d) Upon receipt of any renewal fees collected in par. (c), a member board shall
12renew the physician's license.
AB253,15,1413 (e) Physician information collected by the interstate commission during the
14renewal process will be distributed to all member boards.
AB253,15,1615 (f) The interstate commission is authorized to develop rules to address renewal
16of licenses obtained through the compact.
AB253,15,19 17(8) Section 8 — Coordinated information system. (a) The interstate
18commission shall establish a database of all physicians licensed, or who have applied
19for licensure, under sub. (5).
AB253,15,2220 (b) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, member boards shall report to
21the interstate commission any public action or complaints against a licensed
22physician who has applied or received an expedited license through the compact.
AB253,15,2423 (c) Member boards shall report disciplinary or investigatory information
24determined as necessary and proper by rule of the interstate commission.
1(d) Member boards may report any non-public complaint, disciplinary, or
2investigatory information not required by par. (c) to the interstate commission.
AB253,16,43 (e) Member boards shall share complaint or disciplinary information about a
4physician upon request of another member board.
AB253,16,75 (f) All information provided to the interstate commission or distributed by
6member boards shall be confidential, filed under seal, and used only for investigatory
7or disciplinary matters.
AB253,16,98 (g) The interstate commission is authorized to develop rules for mandated or
9discretionary sharing of information by member boards.
AB253,16,11 10(9) Section 9 — Joint investigations. (a) Licensure and disciplinary records
11of physicians are deemed investigative.
AB253,16,1512 (b) In addition to the authority granted to a member board by its respective
13medical practice act or other applicable state law, a member board may participate
14with other member boards in joint investigations of physicians licensed by the
15member boards.
AB253,16,1716 (c) A subpoena issued by a member state shall be enforceable in other member
AB253,16,2018 (d) Member boards may share any investigative, litigation, or compliance
19materials in furtherance of any joint or individual investigation initiated under the
AB253,16,2321 (e) Any member state may investigate actual or alleged violations of the
22statutes authorizing the practice of medicine in any other member state in which a
23physician holds a license to practice medicine.
AB253,17,2 24(10) Section 10 — Disciplinary actions. (a) Any disciplinary action taken by
25any member board against a physician licensed through the compact shall be deemed

1unprofessional conduct which may be subject to discipline by other member boards,
2in addition to any violation of the medical practice act or regulations in that state.
AB253,17,113 (b) If a license granted to a physician by the member board in the state of
4principal license is revoked, surrendered or relinquished in lieu of discipline, or
5suspended, then all licenses issued to the physician by member boards shall
6automatically be placed, without further action necessary by any member board, on
7the same status. If the member board in the state of principal license subsequently
8reinstates the physician's license, a license issued to the physician by any other
9member board shall remain encumbered until that respective member board takes
10action to reinstate the license in a manner consistent with the medical practice act
11of that state.
AB253,17,1412 (c) If disciplinary action is taken against a physician by a member board not
13in the state of principal license, any other member board may deem the action
14conclusive as to matter of law and fact decided, and:
AB253,17,1615 1. Impose the same or lesser sanctions against the physician so long as such
16sanctions are consistent with the medical practice act of that state; or
AB253,17,1917 2. Pursue separate disciplinary action against the physician under its
18respective medical practice act, regardless of the action taken in other member
AB253,18,320 (d) If a license granted to a physician by a member board is revoked,
21surrendered or relinquished in lieu of discipline, or suspended, then any license
22issued to the physician by any other member board shall be suspended,
23automatically and immediately without further action necessary by the other
24member board, for 90 days upon entry of the order by the disciplining board, to permit
25the member board to investigate the basis for the action under the medical practice

1act of that state. A member board may terminate the automatic suspension of the
2license it issued prior to the completion of the 90 day suspension period in a manner
3consistent with the medical practice act of that state.
AB253,18,6 4(11) Section 11 — Interstate medical licensure compact commission. (a) The
5member states hereby create the "Interstate Medical Licensure Compact
AB253,18,87 (b) The purpose of the interstate commission is the administration of the
8interstate medical licensure compact, which is a discretionary state function.
AB253,18,139 (c) The interstate commission shall be a body corporate and joint agency of the
10member states and shall have all the responsibilities, powers, and duties set forth
11in the compact, and such additional powers as may be conferred upon it by a
12subsequent concurrent action of the respective legislatures of the member states in
13accordance with the terms of the compact.
AB253,18,1914 (d) The interstate commission shall consist of 2 voting representatives
15appointed by each member state who shall serve as commissioners. In states where
16allopathic and osteopathic physicians are regulated by separate member boards, or
17if the licensing and disciplinary authority is split between multiple member boards
18within a member state, the member state shall appoint one representative from each
19member board. A Commissioner shall be:
AB253,18,2020 1. An allopathic or osteopathic physician appointed to a member board;
AB253,18,2221 2. An executive director, executive secretary, or similar executive of a member
22board; or