AB290,4,99 301.48 (1) (dv) "School premises" has the meaning given in s. 948.61 (1) (c).
AB290,9 10Section 9. 301.48 (8) of the statutes is created to read:
AB290,4,1411 301.48 (8) Residency restrictions. (a) Except as provided in par. (c), no person
12who is subject to global positioning system tracking or passive positioning system
13tracking may, during the period he or she is subject to tracking, reside within 1,000
14feet of a school premises or within 1,000 feet of a child care facility.
AB290,4,1515 (b) Paragraph (a) does not apply to any of the following:
AB290,4,2016 1. A person who is confined in an adult correctional facility, a juvenile
17correctional facility, as defined in s. 938.02 (10p), a juvenile detention facility, as
18defined in s. 938.02 (10r), a secured residential care center for children and youth,
19as defined in s. 938.02 (15g), a jail, or a house of correction or who is confined
20pursuant to ch. 980.
AB290,4,2221 2. A facility operating under a contract with the department to provide housing
22for offenders.
AB290,4,2423 3. A person whose information is not available to the public pursuant to s.
24301.46 (5) (c).
1(c) Not later than 30 days after receiving notice under s. 48.652, the department
2shall notify a person who is subject to a residency restriction under this subsection
3and who resides within 1,000 feet of the child care facility that is the subject of the
4notice that he or she may not reside within 1,000 feet of the child care facility more
5than 90 days after the date the department issues the notification.
AB290,5,76 (d) A person who intentionally violates a residency restriction under this
7subsection is guilty of a Class H felony.
AB290,10 8Section 10. 980.08 (6m) of the statutes is amended to read:
AB290,5,249 980.08 (6m) An order for supervised release places the person in the custody
10and control of the department. The department shall arrange for control, care and
11treatment of the person in the least restrictive manner consistent with the
12requirements of the person and in accordance with the plan for supervised release
13approved by the court under sub. (4) (g). A person on supervised release is subject
14to the conditions under s. 980.085, to the conditions set by the court, and to the rules
15of the department. Within 10 days of imposing a rule, the department shall file with
16the court any additional rule of supervision not inconsistent with the rules or
17conditions imposed by the court. If the department wants to change a rule or
18condition of supervision imposed by the court, the department must obtain the
19court's approval. Before a person is placed on supervised release by the court under
20this section, the court shall so notify the municipal police department and county
21sheriff for the municipality and county in which the person will be residing. The
22notification requirement under this subsection does not apply if a municipal police
23department or county sheriff submits to the court a written statement waiving the
24right to be notified.
AB290,11 25Section 11. 980.085 of the statutes is created to read:
1980.085 Conditions of supervised release. (1) The conditions of
2supervised release in this section are in addition to any conditions imposed by a court
3or by the department under s. 980.08.
AB290,6,4 4(2) A person on supervised release shall do all of the following:
AB290,6,75 (a) Participate in and accept treatment opportunities offered or recommended
6by the department, including sex offender treatment, alcohol and other drug
7addiction treatment, and psychological testing.
AB290,6,128 (b) Comply with all safety and security measures that are required under this
9chapter or under ch. 301 or that are required or implemented by the department,
10including global positioning system tracking; chaperone requirements; searches of
11the person's body, property, or residence; random, unannounced residence visits; and
12drug and alcohol testing.
AB290,6,1413 (c) Provide true, correct, and complete responses to inquiries by the
14department, in writing or orally, as requested by the department.
AB290,6,1515 (d) Submit to polygraph examinations as requested by the department.
AB290,6,1816 (e) Contribute to the cost of his or her care and supervision. The department
17shall determine the person's ability to pay and determine an amount the person shall
18pay under this paragraph.
AB290,6,2119 (f) Seek, obtain, and maintain verifiable employment. If the person is unable
20to be employed, the person shall participate in volunteer or educational activities
21that are approved by the department.
AB290,6,2422 (g) Reside in a residence that is approved by the department and ordered by
23the committing court. No other individual may reside at the residence without
24approval by the department.
AB290,6,25 25(3) A person on supervised release may not do any of the following:
1(a) Have unsupervised contact with any person under the age of 18 without
2prior approval from the department.
AB290,7,43 (b) Maintain or initiate any relationship with any adult, including a family
4member, who has minor children without prior approval from the department.
AB290,7,65 (c) Have any physical relationship or sexual contact with any person without
6prior approval from the department.
AB290,7,87 (d) Possess any sexually related materials without prior approval from the
AB290,7,129 (e) Purchase, possess, or use any electronic device that is capable of taking,
10retrieving, or storing images or data or of sending messages, or of communicating
11with other similar devices, or of making a voice call, without prior approval from the
AB290,12 13Section 12. Nonstatutory provisions.
AB290,8,214 (1) No later than the 30th day beginning after the effective date of this
15subsection, the department of corrections shall notify each person to whom this
16subsection applies of the restriction established under section 301.48 (8) of the
17statutes, as created by this act. Notwithstanding section 301.48 (8) of the statutes,
18as created by this act, a person subject to global positioning system tracking or
19passive positioning system tracking under section 301.48 of the statutes who resides
20within 1,000 feet of a school premises or within 1,000 feet of a child care facility on
21the effective date of this subsection may reside there through the 90th day beginning
22after the date the department of corrections issues a notification to the person under
23this subsection. In this subsection, "child care facility" has the meaning given in

1section 301.48 (1) (ad) of the statutes, as created by this act, and "school premises"
2has the meaning given in section 301.48 (1) (dv) of the statutes, as created by this act.
AB290,8,33 (End)