1(a) Each bound continues to the intersection with the bound next named, or to
2the intersection with a straight-line extension of such bound.
AB328,16,43 (b) If the bound is a street, it follows the center line of the street or the center
4line of the street extended.
AB328,16,65 (c) If the bound is a railroad right-of-way, it follows the center line of the
6railroad right-of-way.
AB328,16,87 (d) If the bound is a river or stream, it follows the center of the main channel
8of such river or stream.
AB328,16,99 (e) If the bound follows a municipal boundary, it coincides with such boundary.
AB328,16,13 10(2) That the bill first applies, with respect to regular elections, to offices filled
11at the next occurring general election after the bill takes effect and, with respect to
12special or recall elections, to offices filled or contested on or after the date of that
13general election.
AB328,16,24 144.0085 Challenge based on population inequality; burden of proof. If
15an action is brought challenging a legislative redistricting plan under this
16subchapter on the basis of an excessive population variance among senate or
17assembly districts established in the plan, the legislature has the burden of
18justifying any variance in excess of 10 percent between the population of a senate or
19assembly district and the applicable ideal district population. If an action is brought
20challenging a congressional redistricting plan under this subchapter on the basis of
21an excessive population variance among congressional districts established in the
22plan, the legislature has the burden of justifying any variance in excess of 1 percent
23between the population of a congressional district and the applicable ideal district
AB328,5 25Section 5. 5.15 (4) (a) of the statutes is amended to read:
15.15 (4) (a) Except as provided in par. (c), the division ordinance or resolution
2shall number all wards in the municipality with unique whole numbers in
3consecutive order, beginning with the number one, shall designate the polling place
4for each ward, and shall describe the boundaries of each ward consistent with the
5conventions set forth in s. 4.003 4.008 (1). The ordinance or resolution shall be
6accompanied by a list of the block numbers used by the U.S. bureau of the census that
7are wholly or partly contained within each ward, with any block numbers partly
8contained within a ward identified, and a map of the municipality which illustrates
9the revised ward boundaries. If the legislature, in an act redistricting legislative
10districts under article IV, section 3, of the constitution, or in redistricting
11congressional districts, establishes a district boundary within a municipality that
12does not coincide with the boundary of a ward established under the ordinance or
13resolution of the municipality, the municipal governing body shall, no later than
14April 10 of the 2nd year following the year of the federal decennial census on which
15the act is based, amend the ordinance or resolution to the extent required to effect
16the act. The amended ordinance or resolution shall designate the polling place for
17any ward that is created to effect the legislative act. Nothing in this paragraph shall
18be construed to compel a county or city to alter or redraw supervisory or aldermanic
AB328,6 20Section 6. 13.49 of the statutes is created to read:
AB328,17,21 2113.49 Redistricting advisory commission. (1) Definitions. In this section:
AB328,17,2322 (a) "Chief election officer" means the chief election officer of the government
23accountability board.
AB328,17,2424 (b) "Four selecting authorities" means all of the following:
AB328,17,2525 1. The majority leader of the senate.
12. The minority leader of the senate.
AB328,18,22 3. The speaker of the assembly.
AB328,18,33 4. The minority leader of the assembly.
AB328,18,44 (c) "Partisan public office" means any of the following:
AB328,18,65 1. The office of governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, state treasurer,
6attorney general, state senator, or state representative to the assembly.
AB328,18,87 2. A county office which is filled by an election process involving nomination
8and election of candidates on a partisan basis.
AB328,18,109 (d) "Political party office" means an elective office in a political party, as defined
10in s. 5.02 (13), or in a national political party.
AB328,18,1611 (e) "Relative" means an individual who is related to the person in question as
12father, mother, son, daughter, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, first cousin, nephew, niece,
13husband, wife, grandfather, grandmother, father-in-law, mother-in-law,
14son-in-law, daughter-in-law, brother-in-law, sister-in-law, stepfather,
15stepmother, stepson, stepdaughter, stepbrother, stepsister, half brother, or half
AB328,18,25 17(2) General provisions. (a) Not later than February 15 of the first year
18following the decennial federal census, a temporary redistricting advisory
19commission is created consisting of 5 members. Each of the 4 selecting authorities
20shall certify to the chief election officer the selecting authority's appointment of a
21person to serve on the commission. Within 30 days after the last selecting authority
22has certified his or her appointment, but not later than February 15 of the first year
23following the decennial federal census, the 4 commission members so appointed shall
24select, by a vote of at least 3 members, and certify to the chief election officer the 5th
25commission member, who shall serve as chairperson.
1(b) No individual may be appointed to the redistricting advisory commission
2who satisfies any of the following:
AB328,19,43 1. The individual is not an eligible elector of this state at the time of the
AB328,19,55 2. The individual holds partisan public office or political party office.
AB328,19,76 3. The individual is a relative of or is employed by a member of the legislature
7or of Congress, or is employed directly by the legislature or Congress.
AB328,19,148 (c) Members of the redistricting advisory commission appointed by a selecting
9authority shall be reimbursed from the appropriation account under s. 20.765 (1) (a)
10or (b), depending upon the house in which that member's appointing authority holds
11office, for actual and necessary expenses incurred in performance of duties as a
12commission member. The member who is not appointed by a selecting authority
13shall be reimbursed from the appropriation under s. 20.765 (1) (a) for actual and
14necessary expenses incurred in performance of duties as a commission member.
AB328,19,1615 (d) A vacancy on the redistricting advisory commission shall be filled as
16provided in s. 17.20 (1) within 15 days after the vacancy occurs.
AB328,19,1817 (e) Each redistricting advisory commission terminates upon complying with
18sub. (3).
AB328,19,19 19(3) Duties. The redistricting advisory commission shall do all of the following:
AB328,19,2320 (a) If requested to do so by the legislative reference bureau, provide direction
21to the legislative reference bureau concerning any decision the legislative reference
22bureau must make in preparing a redistricting plan under subch. I of ch. 4 for which
23no clearly applicable guideline is provided under s. 4.007.
1(b) Upon delivery by the legislative reference bureau of a bill embodying a
2redistricting plan as required under s. 4.006, make available to the public at the
3earliest feasible time all of the following information:
AB328,20,44 1. Copies of the bill.
AB328,20,55 2. Maps illustrating the plan.
AB328,20,76 3. A summary of the standards prescribed under s. 4.007 for development of the
AB328,20,98 4. A statement of the population of each district included in the plan, and the
9relative deviation of each district population from the ideal district population.
AB328,20,1110 (c) Upon delivery by the legislative reference bureau of an initial bill embodying
11a redistricting plan as required under s. 4.006 (1), do all of the following:
AB328,20,1512 1. As expeditiously as reasonably possible, schedule and conduct at least 3
13public hearings, in different geographic regions of the state, on the plan embodied
14in the bill. No more than one public hearing may be held in the city of Madison and
15at least one public hearing shall be held in the northern half of the state.
AB328,20,2216 2. Following the hearings held under subd. 1., promptly prepare and submit
17to the legislature in the manner provided under s. 13.172 (2) a report summarizing
18information and testimony received by the commission in the course of the hearings.
19The report may include any comments and conclusions which the commission's
20members deem appropriate concerning the information and testimony received at
21the hearings or otherwise presented to the commission. The report shall be treated
22in the same manner as a report submitted under s. 13.172 (2).
AB328,21,4 23(4) Confidentiality. The redistricting advisory commission may establish
24policies limiting the information that the legislative reference bureau may provide
25to persons outside of the bureau staff concerning any redistricting plan prepared

1under subch. I of ch. 4, except that any such policy does not apply to a redistricting
2plan after a bill embodying that plan is delivered by the legislative reference bureau
3as required under s. 4.006 or to population data furnished to the legislative reference
4bureau by the U.S. bureau of the census.
AB328,7 5Section 7. Initial applicability.
AB328,21,76 (1) This act first applies to redistricting plans based on the 2020 decennial
7federal census.
AB328,21,88 (End)