2015 - 2016 LEGISLATURE
January 30, 2015 - Introduced by Senators Risser, S. Fitzgerald, Lazich,
Erpenbach, Miller, Shilling, Wirch, Bewley, Ringhand, Lassa, Vukmir, L.
, Olsen, Vinehout, Hansen and Harsdorf, cosponsored by
Representatives Berceau, C. Taylor, Milroy, Hintz, Murphy, Mason, Kolste,
Young, Danou, Hebl, Ballweg, Subeck, Kahl, Tittl, Genrich, Mursau,
Ohnstad, Considine, Goyke, Petryk, A. Ott, Barca, Riemer, Meyers, Pope,
Thiesfeldt, Krug, J. Ott, Sargent, Wachs and Sinicki. Referred to Committee
on Senate Organization.
SJR6,1,1 1Relating to: the public service of Laura Rose.
SJR6,1,32 Whereas, Laura Rose was hired as a legislative council staff attorney in 1985
3and earned her chops under the strict supervision of the legendary Bonnie Reese; and
SJR6,1,54 Whereas, Laura was named acting director of the legislative council staff in
52000 and deputy director of the legislative council staff later that year; and
SJR6,1,96 Whereas, Laura has staffed numerous standing committees and joint
7legislative council study committees on topics relating to health, mental illness,
8developmental disabilities, human services, aging, long-term care, and family law;
SJR6,1,1210 Whereas, Laura has played a critical role in shaping the law on these subjects,
11including Wisconsin's mental health act, protective services law, and human services
12programs; and
SJR6,1,1513 Whereas, since 2006, Laura has served as staff to the joint committee on
14employment relations, providing excellent support and counsel to that committee;
1Whereas, Laura took a leave of absence from the legislative council staff in
22008-09 to serve as Executive Director of the National Children's Study in
3Wisconsin, coordinating the work on this national project of the University of
4Wisconsin's School of Medicine and the Medical College of Wisconsin; and
SJR6,2,85 Whereas, since 2007, Laura has been a collaborator on the Evidence-Based
6Health Project, along with staff of the La Follette School of Public Affairs at the
7University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Population Health Institute at the University
8of Wisconsin's School of Medicine, and the joint legislative council; and
SJR6,2,119 Whereas, Laura has generously served her community through volunteer
10service, notably including the co-founding of The Road Home-Dane County,
11providing critical services to homeless families; and
SJR6,2,1312 Whereas, Laura is now leaving Wisconsin to become Director of the Legislative
13Management Group of the National Conference of State Legislatures; and
SJR6,2,1614 Whereas, Laura has served as a valued mentor and model to a generation of
15legislative council staff attorneys, who will miss her wise counsel, steady guidance,
16and constant friendship; and
SJR6,2,1917 Whereas, Laura has provided excellent counsel to legislators and staff for 30
18years and will be missed by the legislature for her expertise as well as her
19outstanding dedication to service; now, therefore, be it
SJR6,2,24 20Resolved by the senate, the assembly concurring, That the Wisconsin
21legislature congratulates Laura Rose on her professional accomplishments, thanks
22her for her outstanding service to the legislature and the State of Wisconsin, and
23wishes her all the best as she takes on new challenges in service to the legislatures
24of all the states of this nation; and, be it further
1Resolved, That the senate chief clerk shall present a copy of this resolution to
2Laura Rose and her husband, Steve Rose, and their children, Will, Tim, and Abby.
SJR6,3,33 (End)