References are to articles and sections of the Wisconsin Constitution. This index also appears in the Statutes Index under the head “Constitution, Wisconsin" and is reprinted here for the convenience of the user.
Bail, I, 8
Double jeopardy, I, 8
Due process rights, I, 8
Habeas corpus, I, 8
Release conditions, I, 8
Rights and safeguards, I, 7
Self-incrimination, I, 8
Actions, against state, IV, 27
Agricultural land, taxation, VIII, 1
Airports, appropriations, VIII, 10
Aliens, property rights equal to citizens, I, 15
Amendments, XII, 1
Apportionment, legislative, IV, 3
Internal improvements, VIII, 10
Legislative quorum, vote, VIII, 8
Religious purposes, forbidden, I, 18
Restrictions on payments, VIII, 2
Arms, right to bear, I, 25
Arrest, legislators privileged, IV, 15
Number of members, IV, 2
Representatives, how chosen, IV, 4
Right not abridged, I, 4
Assembly districts, how bounded, IV, 4
Attorney, appear for party to action, I, 21
Attorney general:
Duties, compensation, VI, 3
Election, VI, 1
Term, VI, 1
Auditing of state accounts, IV, 33
Conditions of release, I, 8
Excessive, I, 6
Banks, general law, XI, 4
Betting, pari-mutuel, IV, 24
Bill of attainder, prohibition, I, 12
Approval or veto by governor, V, 10
Laws enacted by, style, IV, 17
Originate in either house, IV, 19
Passed over veto, V, 10
Private and local, restrictions, IV, 18
Bingo, authorization for certain purposes, IV, 24
Borrowing, state power, VIII, 6, 7
Designation, II, 1
Rivers and lakes, jurisdiction, IX, 1
Bribery of public officers, candidates, XIII, 11
Charters, alteration, repeal, XI, 1
Freedom to choose, I, 18
Public moneys, I, 18
Circuit court:
Boundaries, VII, 6
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