2017-2018 Wisconsin Legislature, August 2017 Special Session

August 2017 Special Session Senate Substitute Amendment 1 to Assembly Bill 1

Relating to: authorizing the creation of an electronics and information technology manufacturing zone and, in connection with that zone, authorizing certain tax benefits, creating special provisions for tax incremental districts, and creating exemptions from wetland and waterway permits and Public Service Commission certificates; making changes to the enterprise zone tax credit program; authorizing limited use of the design-build construction process; authorizing certain counties to issue debt backed by sales and use tax revenue; facilitating a worker training and employment program; making changes to town incorporation procedures; granting contingent highway bonding authority; and making appropriations.

Status: Concurred in


Date / House Action Journal
9/6/2017 Sen.Report introduction of Senate Substitute Amendment 1 by Joint Committee on Finance, Ayes 16, Noes 0428
9/6/2017 Sen.Report adoption of Senate Substitute Amendment 1 recommended by Joint Committee on Finance, Ayes 12, Noes 4428
9/12/2017 Sen.Senate Substitute Amendment 1 adopted440
9/14/2017 Asm.Senate Substitute Amendment 1 concurred in, Ayes 64, Noes 31, Paired 4411
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